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SMART solutions in early education

Early education

Early education video

Watch the video to discover how SMART solutions in early education are transforming learning for preschoolers in California's Pomona Unified School District, making it a fun experience.

SMART solutions in early education

Our solutions can be used to differentiate instruction to support a variety of learning styles in fun and engaging ways. Our multitouch products enable young learners to learn together as naturally as they play together, which makes it easy for teachers to foster collaborative learning environments that nourish creativity and teamwork. Whether you have young learners in preschool or in third grade, SMART solutions in early education can help you ensure that every student has the chance to succeed.

Students in the classroom

Preschool and kindergarten

Preschool and kindergarten students are naturally drawn to SMART products because they are fun and easy to use. This helps them bring the same enthusiasm they have for play to lessons and nurtures a love for learning at an early age.

Students sitting in the classroom
Students with SMART Response

First to third grade

Help your young learners develop the skills they need to succeed as their education progresses. SMART solutions help make learning enjoyable and collaborative, while enabling teachers to create lessons that help students with differing learning styles develop foundational skills.


Explore the products that can help you foster social learning skills in your early education learning environment. You’ll find information on how our products can help each young learner succeed regardless of their learning style.

The coreShow
SB 800i

SMART Board 800i interactive whiteboard system

The 800i helps young learners

  • Intuitively interact with content through features like touch gestures, which is important for kinesthetic learners
  • Develop social learning skills by enabling two students to work together simultaneously anywhere on the SMART Board interactive whiteboard
  • Become excited about learning by bringing their actions, drawings and words to life
SMART Board 600i interactive whiteboard

SMART Board 600i interactive whiteboard system

The 600i helps young learners

  • Easily engage in lessons because of the big, bright visuals in SMART Notebook collaborative learning software
  • Interact with digital content using a pen, their fingers or other objects – even children as young as three can use the interactive whiteboard
  • Participate in lessons, because everyone will want a turn at the SMART Board interactive whiteboard
SMART Notebook 10 icon

SMART Notebook collaborative learning software

SMART Notebook software helps young learners

  • Make connections between words and context – teachers can use large font sizes and bright colors
  • Understand new concepts through the pictures and interactive elements available in the Gallery
  • Engage in lessons, regardless of their learning styles – teachers can include a variety of sound clips and compelling visuals
The SMART Classroom
SMART Response LE interactive response system

SMART Response interactive response systems

The SMART Response system helps young learners

  • Easily input their responses using simple handheld remotes (or clickers) with large, colorful buttons and symbols
  • Participate in lessons regardless of reading level or degree of fine motor development – the remotes meet universal design for learning standards
SMART Table interactive learning center

SMART Table interactive learning center

The SMART Table interactive learning center helps young learners

  • Collaborate by solving problems together before moving on to new tasks
  • Engage in lessons, regardless of learning style, by incorporating auditory, visual and kinesthetic elements
  • Work together on its multitouch, multiuser surface and learn from observing the behaviors of other students
SMART Document Camera SDC330 - Straight on thumbnail

SMART Document Camera

The SMART Document Camera helps young learners

  • See physical objects projected onto the SMART Board interactive whiteboard without having to crowd around or push
  • Take pictures of school work, such as art projects, that can be displayed or saved
SMART Slate wireless slate

SMART Slate wireless slate

The SMART Slate helps young learners

  • Contribute to lessons on the SMART Board interactive whiteboard from their desks if they are too shy to stand in front of the class
  • Work on lessons together by having one student at the SMART Board interactive whiteboard and one student using the SMART slate
  • Interact with their teacher, who can move around the classroom and still control the lesson displayed on the interactive whiteboard
SMART Audio 340

SMART Audio classroom amplification system

The SMART Audio system helps young learners

  • Get the information they need – teachers can reinforce words and visuals by recording their voice as part of a SMART Notebook lesson
  • Focus on their teacher's words and instructions and not the ambient noises of the classroom
  • Stay focused during lessons because sound from video and other multimedia is evenly distributed throughout the room


Accessories can enhance your SMART Board interactive whiteboard and help make your learning environment more accessible for young learners.

  • The SMART Height-Adjustable Wall Mount and the SMART Mobile Height-Adjustable Floor Stand enable teachers to have the interactive whiteboard at a comfortable height and then lower it to within students' reach
  • Speakers for your SMART Board interactive whiteboard can add auditory elements to lessons
  • A retrofit projector package helps eliminate the need for cords and the need to realign the projector in busy early education classrooms
Software products


Designed for K–1 classrooms, CoreFocus is a comprehensive interactive whiteboard content solution co-created by SMART and Hatch Early Learning.

  • 2,500+ math and literacy SMART Notebook lesson activities
  • U.S. Common Core State Standards alignment
  • Lesson planning tools
SMART Ideas icon

SMART Ideas concept-mapping software

SMART Ideas software offers many benefits for early education learning environments.

  • Students can create concept maps using colors and over 2,000 resizable pieces of subject-specific clip art
  • Teachers can reinforce concepts by linking to multimedia
Notebook 3D Tools

3D Tools for SMART Notebook software

With 3D Tools for SMART Notebook, students can investigate content from multiple angles.

  • Import and manipulate 3D content seamlessly from within SMART Notebook
  • U.S. Common Core State Standards alignment
  • Create labels for any part of a 3D image and write over them in digital ink
Content and community
SMART Exchange

The SMART Exchange website

The SMART Exchange website is a free resource where early education teachers can

  • Find, preview and download over 20,000 pre-K–3 classroom-ready learning resources that can be customized to save preparation time
  • Search for standards-correlated and subject-specific lessons within the over 50,000 available classroom-ready learning resources
  • Join an online community of educators from around the world
Illustration of woman in front of certificate

Training and professional development

Our training and professional development offerings help teachers

  • Adopt SMART products with enthusiasm
  • Learn how to use their SMART products effectively
  • Reduce preparation time


Search our resources and discover information to help you use SMART products to differentiate instruction and foster collaborative learning. Our resources include webinars, stories from educators around the world, videos, research findings and white papers.

White papers

White papers

Read a variety of SMART white papers about available technologies to facilitate instruction in technology-enabled learning environments.


The Use of SMART Boards in Piloting Classroom Media Suites: Engaging students in transmedia learning and play

WestEd conducted a five-month pilot test of various transmedia gaming suites for the Corporation for Public Broadcasting (CPB) and the Public Broadcasting Service (PBS). Transmedia gaming suites are comprised of thematically linked content presented across formats and across media devices. The use of SMART Boards was critical to the success of the pilot testing. This study found that using SMART Boards in the classroom considerably increases diverse students' engagement and interest in learning.

The Digital Whiteboard: A Tool in Early Literacy Instruction

This study on literacy concludes that "incorporating the digital whiteboard in our practice as a tool to teach early literacy skills may help us reach young children in many positive and powerful ways."

The Digital Whiteboard As a Tool in Increasing Student Attention During Early Literacy Instruction

This study examined literacy lessons in a first-grade classroom.

Lighting the Fire

The effectiveness of the Hatch TeachSmart Learning System in improving literacy and mathematics outcomes for preschoolers.

SMART research library

Browse our library and discover a wide range of local and international research about how students use education tools and resources to learn and interact in the classroom.

The Use of a SMART Table to Increase On-task Behavior

This action research study explored the use of a SMART Table during math small groups to see its effects on on-task behavior. Hussain (2006) and Preston and Mowbray (2008) found that when technology is used in the classroom, teachers are better able to reach the needs of their students because of technology's ability to keep students engaged. Four male students (two with off-task tendencies and two with on-task tendencies) were observed for four weeks without the SMART Table and four weeks with the SMART Table. Results indicated that there were increases in on-task behaviors for all four students.

Warner, Taylor - University of Mary Washington


Hands-on Learning in Montessori Classroom

See how a teacher at a Montessori school in Canada is using SMART products to help students explore concepts in small-group settings and develop social skills such as cooperation.

A fast and effective way to assess learning

Discover how the SMART Response interactive response system can help teachers assess learning more efficiently and enhance student comprehension of lesson material.

SMART Table Demo

Find out why the SMART Table has won the hearts of teachers and students around the world. Get to know the SMART Table by checking out our Flash demo.

The singular power of multitouch

Learn how the SMART Table interactive learning center is benefitting general education students and students with special needs at Alvarado Independent School District in Texas.

Meet the SMART Table

This 2-minute video gives you a glimpse of young students exploring learning activities on the SMART Table.

Object awareness video

Touch. Write. Erase. Whatever you do on the SMART Board 800 series interactive whiteboard, the experience is highly intuitive.

Freestyle interaction video

Thanks to the freestyle interaction feature of the SMART Board 800 series interactive whiteboard, two people can work anywhere on the surface simultaneously – so collaboration is easy.

Introducing the SMART Board 800 series interactive whiteboard

Meet the new interactive whiteboard that puts the world at your fingertips. Discover how to toss, flick and grow your way through lessons.

Technology in pre-schools

Discover how Platinum Preschool in Sydney, Australia integrates technology into their preschool setting.

SMART Response LE

Discover how SMART Response LE helps students in early grades and special education express themselves, while providing teachers with an easy way to gain instant and accurate classroom insight.


Upcoming webinarsShow
On-demand webinars

Using Technology to Create Parent Connections

How can you use your technology solution to reach beyond the classroom? Learn how to connect parents to their child's learning through digital portfolios that can track progress across the school year and show real results.

How to Get the Most Out of Your Interactive Whiteboard in Early Learning

Looking for a way to turn your technology investment into an immediate teaching tool? Then watch this session on interactive whiteboards and see how research-based content can support the developmental needs of young learners.

Is an Interactive Whiteboard Appropriate for the Early Learning Classroom?

Trying to figure out what type of technology you should have in your early learning classrooms? Do you need an interactive whiteboard if you have tablets or iPads? How do the two work together? Find out the answers to these questions and more.

Get to know the SMART Table

Table demo

Find out why the SMART Table interactive learning center has won the hearts of teachers and students around the world. Get to know the SMART Table by checking out our flash demonstration.

SMART Exchange website

SMART Board 685ix with flying content screens - matte blue

Access easy-to-use, relevant, classroom-ready resources and connect to a growing, vibrant online community on the SMART Exchange website.

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