SMART Meeting Pro® Server 2.0, with Connector for Microsoft Lync 2013

Take the power of SMART’s solution and combine it with Microsoft Lync. Users can share content from any application, capture notes and ideas in the native format file and use digital ink to annotate directly into documents – all from anywhere on any device.

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The connector for Lync combines the Microsoft Lync unified communications platform with SMART Meeting Pro software. It's the combination you need for highly collaborative meetings – even if your colleagues are around the world.

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  • Familiar Lync featuresStart your meeting using Microsoft Lync and then share your desktop. You can then use the Lync features you already know, including the conversation window and stage area.
  • Digital ink Write in digital ink on the whiteboarding area, or over any application, document or web page. You and your remote colleagues can make notes for everyone to see in real time. Then save them in the native file format.
  • Easy whiteboarding The Unbound Workspace gives you infinite space to whiteboard within, even if you're using large format file sizes. Plus, you have whiteboarding tools such as an image gallery, handwriting-to-text converter and a shape creator.
  • Capture notes Save digital notes into any application and send them out instantly. You'll have a comprehensive record of your meeting.
  • Remote Ink ToolbarAn easy to use toolbar appears automatically when a desktop is shared in Microsoft® Lync®. Use it to toggle between pen types, colors and for interacting with open applications on the presenters screen real-time.
Lync remote collaboration

Powerful remote collaboration

Everyone in your meeting can participate – even if they're connecting remotely. Whether they're in another meeting room or using a laptop, your remote colleagues can collaborate with you. Within Lync, you're connected by audio and video, but SMART Meeting Pro's digital ink is the key. When every one can make notes in real time, everyone can truly contribute.

Lync capture and save

Capture and save ideas

With the Connector for Lync and SMART Meeting Pro, you can record thoughts in digital ink as they arise and save them as part of the original file. All your ideas are captured on the spot – there's no need to write summaries or revise slides after your meeting. And you can send all your notes to colleagues with just a few clicks.

Lync starting meetings

Expands interactivity within SMART Room Systems

When the other end-point is a SMART Room System and the Connector for Lync remote ink has been enabled, SMART Room System participants can view and interact with content during meetings. This ensures that they stay engaged and are able to fully contribute to the conversation.

Familiar Microsoft Lync interface and features

Users who know Microsoft Lync will find it easy and intuitive to use the Connector for Lync. It maintains the familiar Microsoft Lync features such as conversation window and stage area.

Audio and video connection using Lync

Fully engage with participants using the video and audio tools available through Lync.

Remote ink toolbar

An easy-to-use toolbar appears automatically when you share your desktop in Microsoft Lync. Use it to toggle between pen types, colors and for interacting with open applications on the presenters screen real-time.

Simultaneous two-way inking

Allow in-room and remote participants to make annotations in digital ink on the whiteboard area or over any application. More than one participant can write at the same time.


Write notes over any application and save notes directly into any application with ink tools – including PDF files. Or write notes in digital ink and save them as they are.

SMART Meeting Pro's Unbound Workspace

Use unlimited collaboration workspace. Pan in any direction (without limitation), zoom in and work with the details or zoom out to see an overview. Insert bookmarks to easily navigate to content when referencing or presenting material. Use shapes, lines, text, undo and redo, resize, rotate and change object properties, and convert handwriting to text.

Participate in meetings with other SMART displays or SMART Room Systems

Share content in meetings where the other end point is another SMART Board interactive display or a SMART Room System for Microsoft Lync.

  SMART Meeting Pro® Server version 2.0, with Connector for Microsoft® Lync® 2013
Operating system 64bit versions of Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1 or higher, Windows Server 2012 or higher

Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5 or later service packs.

Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1:
UcmaRuntimeSetup.exe requires Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5 to be installed before launching UCMARuntimeSetup.exe.

Windows Server 2012 and higher comes with Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5.

For optimal performance for a server that must run antivirus software, include all SMART or Lync Server computers in the antivirus software's exception list.


64-bit dual processor, quad-core, 2.0 gigahertz (GHz) or higher

8 gigabytes (GB) or higher

1 or more 10,000 RPM hard disk drives with at least 72 GB free disk space OR Solid state drives (SSDs) which provide performance similar to 10,000-RPM mechanical disk drives.

1 network adapter, 1 Gbps or higher

SMART Meeting Pro® Server 2.0, with Connector for Microsoft Lync 2013

Model MSRP*
SMART Meeting Pro Server version 2.0 Standard Edition, with SMART Meeting Pro Connector for Microsoft Lync 2013 $9,999
SMART Meeting Pro Server version 2.0 Plus Edition, with SMART Meeting Pro Connector for Microsoft Lync 2013 $14,999
SMART Meeting Pro Server version 2.0 Enhanced Edition, with SMART Meeting Pro Connector for Microsoft Lync 2013 $29,999

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