SMART Room System™ for Microsoft® Lync®

The SMART Room System supports levels of interaction that are unmatched by the competition. With it you can ink over any application, including Microsoft® Excel® and Adobe®. It has more size options than any other Lync Room System and is the only system on the market that is manufactured and supported by one vendor.

Six sizes
Choose the system that will provide the best experience for each of your meeting rooms

Single 55 (XS)

55" display

Dual 55 (M Dual)

Two 55" displays
(M Dual)

Single 70 (S)

70" display

Dual 70 (L)

Two 70" displays

Single 84 (M)

84" display

Dual 84 (XL)

Two 84" displays

Extend Microsoft Lync into the meeting room with the SMART Room System
  • Interactive DisplayA commercial-grade, HD/LCD display that enables an unrivalled touch experience
  • Enhanced AudioUp to 5 tabletop microphones can be connected, ensuring effective coverage and integrated speakers offer high quality sound.
  • Panoramic VideoThe HD camera displays the entire room and adapts to any lighting condition
  • Immediate StartupThe display turns on when you walk into the room and meetings are loaded by pressing a button
  • Interactive SharingEnable dual touch and inking capabilities onto any application, including Adobe® and Microsoft®Excel®. Access the revolutionary Unbound Workspace, which lets you pan and zoom to any level of detail, whatever the detail and complexity of the content.
  • Administrative console Switch between presenters, change the configuration of data and video and move between presentation and whiteboard content
  • Optional floor standAvoid the need for wall reinforcement and manage table wiring with the integrated raceway.
SMART Services

Premium Services

Implementation and adoption consulting services ensure your SMART Room System is installed properly and is used effectively. Its reporting options give you detailed insight into system usage.

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Competitive Comparison

Competitive Comparison

Compare the next generation SMART Room System with competing Lync Room Systems and traditional video conferencing solutions.

See the comparison
The Connector for Lync

Greater interactivity

Use the Connector for Lync to evolve the SMART Room System. Participants can be seen and heard, but are also able to interact with the content being discussed. This ensures that they stay engaged and are able to fully contribute to the conversation.

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An integrated solution

All of the room components are designed to work together. This creates a single integrated solution for audio, video and data collaboration that simplifies installation, support and ensures the components function as a single system.

Systems designed for any room

SMART offers 5 different sizes of room systems designed for 2 to 16 people and ranging from 100 to 300 square feet. Systems feature 55", 70" and 84" displays.

Proximity detection

The interactive display will automatically turn on when it detects motion in the room. This saves energy costs when not in use and allows quick access to the technology when meetings start.

Wide angle camera

SMART's camera features a 109 degree field of view (the largest available for a Lync Room System) allowing remote users to see the entire room without the need for pan/tilt/zoom functionality.

Natural videoconferencing

SMART's camera reduces eye gaze, making remote and in-room participants feel as though they are looking each other in the eye.

Object awareness

The SMART display automatically detects a finger or a pen without special mode switches or buttons and allows users to erase ink on the display with their palm.

Administrative console

The large 11" room control lets users change the screen layout, display presentation content and email notes at the end of the meeting.

Instantaneous startup

Start your meeting with one touch.

Microsoft Lync interface

Users who know Microsoft Lync will find it easy and intuitive to use the SMART Room System. It maintains the Microsoft Lync interface they are familiar with.

Support for scheduled or ad hoc meetings

The SMART Room System supports the ability to start ad hoc whiteboarding sessions or to set up scheduled meetings. Either meeting starts with just the touch of a button.

Interactive Sharing

Interactive Sharing expands collaboration capabilities beyond PowerPoint and the Lync Whiteboard by adding multi-touch and inking over any content within the SMART Room System meeting room.

Compare all six sizes

To see a comparison of key specifications from all six sizes of the SMART Room System, open the PDF. You can also view the full specifications of each size individually below.

SRS Extra Small SRS Small SRS Medium SRS Medium double SRS Large double SRS Extra Large double
Extra Small Small Medium Medium-Dual Large Extra Large

SMART Room System™ for Microsoft® Lync®

Model MSRP*
SMART Room System™ for Microsoft® Lync® for extra small rooms $17,999
SMART Room System™ small for Microsoft® Lync® $19,999
SMART Room System™ medium for Microsoft® Lync® $24,999
SMART Room System™ for Microsoft® Lync® for medium rooms with dual panels $24,999
SMART Room System™ large for Microsoft® Lync® $29,999
SMART Room System™ for Microsoft® Lync® for extra large rooms $40,999

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* MSRP: Manufacturer's Suggested Resale Price for the US market (in US dollars). Resellers may sell for less. Exclusive of shipping, installation, duties or taxes.


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