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The SMART Learning Space makes it easy for you to plan, access and keep track of your training.

Learn more about the SMART Learning Space.


Training for education

Find courses to ensure that you have the skills and confidence that you need to use your SMART products effectively in the classroom.


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From Two-Minute Tutorials and YouTube demonstrations to Quick Reference Guides and installation videos, our free resources have something for everyone.


Training for business

View our training offerings for business. You’ll find courses designed to help you use your SMART products effectively for local and remote collaboration.


Technical training

Take our technical courses to get hands-on training with detailed information about how to install, configure, troubleshoot and administer SMART products.



Take advantage of limited-time offers that save you time and money through condensed courses and reduced prices. These offers change regularly, so make sure that you check them frequently.

SMART Training Certification

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SMART Training Certification provides hands-on instruction to help you deliver high-quality training on SMART products. Become a SMART Certified Trainer today.

Training resources

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Search all of our resources to find training that accommodates your needs. Filter your search criteria by product, category or training format.

Training course catalogue

Browse the PDF training course catalogue for more detailed information about the training and professional development courses that SMART offers.

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