SMART solutions in the military

Streamline communication for efficiency and rapid response

When every second counts, you need to communicate quickly and clearly. You need to swiftly disseminate information in a training or briefing room, or engage in real-time decision making with personnel thousands of miles away. SMART solutions can help by changing the way you access and share digital information in your training facilities, briefing rooms or command and control centres.


Effective training
leads to quicker responses

Bring real-world scenarios into the training room and engage remote and in-room participants using compelling images, multimedia content and dynamic interactivity.


Trainers can:


visually demonstrate procedures


make notes in digital ink over documents, maps and videos

Participants can:


visualise key training concepts


retain important information and use it in critical situations


Rapid communication
when it counts

In a crisis situation or anytime every moment matters, military personnel can easily communicate and disseminate information. Using data and voice conferencing capabilities, teams can quickly connect with critical resources.

SMART solutions for the military

Team collaboration
can happen anywhere

Enhance collaboration and improve decision-making by enabling your teams to work together at the same time on the same documents and write notes that everyone can see. Large interactive displays make it easy to share and interact with information in real time with participants anywhere.


Highlight key data


Visually analyse information


Connect with personnel anywhere


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