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SMART Introduces SMART Board® 400 Series Interactive Display Overlay

New overlay adds touch and ink interactivity to installed flat-panel displays

CALGARY, Alberta --- November 15, 2011 --- SMART Technologies Inc. (NASDAQ: SMT) (TSX: SMA), a leading provider of collaboration solutions, announces the new SMART Board 400 series interactive display overlay. The overlay can be added to virtually any LCD or plasma flat-panel display to enable touch and ink interactivity. It features SMART’s patented DViT® (Digital Vision Touch) technology, which enables effective touch control and an accurate writing experience. DViT technology also supports common multitouch SMART Board 400 series overlaygestures, such as zooming and scrolling, currently recognized by the Microsoft® Windows® 7 operating system. The new overlay includes either SMART Meeting Pro software and the SMART GoWireauto-launch cable for business and government customers or SMART Notebookcollaborative learning software for education customers, allowing for more effective collaboration in both meeting spaces and classrooms. It offers simplified installation and a sleek, new design, and replaces three existing products – the SMART Board 300 series interactive display overlay, the SMART Board interactive display frame and Actalyst interactive digital signage. The SMART Board 400 series interactive display overlay is now available globally.

Featuring a USB-powered optical touch system with five-millimeter-thick tempered glass, the 400 series overlay maintains the overall appearance of the display and quality of the displayed image. It fits most commercial flat-panel LCD and plasma displays in 12 sizes ranging from 42" to 65" (106.7 to 165.1 cm) on the diagonal, and is compatible with 19 manufacturers and over 250 unique models. Included are passive, battery-free pens and a pen ledge that is optional to install and use. For business and government users, the 400 series is an ideal solution to add interactivity to installed flat-panel displays in meeting spaces, training rooms and briefing areas. Shipped with the overlay, the SMART GoWire cable connects it to a laptop and automatically launches SMART Meeting Pro software. This software enables users to interact with applications, including writing over documents with digital ink, capturing annotations, such as notes and diagrams, and saving them to a single file. For educators, the overlay used in conjunction with SMART Notebook software helps them create and present dynamic interactive lessons that engage learners. As part of SMART solutions for business, government and education, the interactive display overlay also integrates with other SMART hardware and software products. For a complete list of flat-panel LCD and plasma displays that are compatible with the overlay, visit

“The new SMART Board 400 series interactive display overlay is an ideal way for business, government and education customers to add touch and ink interactivity to their existing displays,” says Linda Thomas, Vice President, Products, SMART Technologies. “The simple installation, sleek design and compatibility with virtually any flat-panel display make the interactive display overlay an efficient and effective way to enhance collaboration in meeting spaces and classrooms.”


To download an image of the interactive display overlay, go to link.


Flexible sizing Available in 12 sizes to fit most commercial flat-panel displays (LCD and plasma) ranging from 42" to 65" (106.7 to 165.1 cm)

Precision touch Provides direct, precise touch control for accurate data selection and interaction

SMART Ink Enables users to write notes in digital ink over any document, application or website on the interactive display overlay and save them as a screen shot in a PDF or PPT file

Touch gestures Enables the use of simple, intuitive hand and finger gestures to toss, rotate or zoom in and out on objects, and to interact within Microsoft Windows 7 multitouch-enabled applications

Protective surface – Scratch-resistant tempered glass protects the display surface

Warranty – The interactive display overlay comes with a two-year limited warranty

SMART product integration Integrates with SMART hardware and software products, including SMART Meeting Pro software, SMART Notebook software and the SMART GoWire cable

Passive pens and pen ledge Battery-free pens and ledge that can optionally be attached.

Pricing and availability

The suggested list price for the SMART Board 400 series interactive display overlay in the United States ranges from US$3,799 to US$4,999, depending on size. Prices outside the United States vary by country and may include applicable taxes, duties and import costs. Information on suggested list price or special pricing for educators, where applicable, is available from local authorized SMART resellers. For purchasing information, specifications and a list of authorized SMART resellers, visit


SMART Technologies Inc. is a leading provider of collaboration solutions that transform the way the world works and learns. We believe that collaboration and interaction should be easy. As the global leader in interactive whiteboards, we bring more than two decades of collaboration research and development to a broad range of easy-to-use, integrated solutions that free people from their desks and computer screens, so collaborating and learning with digital resources are more natural.


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