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SMART Announces Interactive Flat Panel for Education

SMART Board 8055i to offer educators even more choice for interactivity in the classroom

SAN DIEGO, California --- June 25, 2012 --- SMART Technologies Inc. (NASDAQ: SMT) (TSX: SMA), a leading provider of collaboration solutions, announces the upcoming release of the SMART Board® 8055i interactive flat panel for education. The SMART Board® 8055i combines a high-definition, shadow-free 55" (139.7cm) LCD display with advanced multitouch capability to provide an unparalleled viewing and writing experience. It includes the award-winning SMART Notebook collaborative learning 8055isoftware and access to the SMART Exchange website, where educators can connect, share and download nearly 60,000 digital resources. SMART's comprehensive line of interactive displays provides educators and administrators with the flexibility to meet the specific needs of individual classrooms and learning spaces to engage students and improve learning outcomes. 

Combining collaborative capabilities with brilliant visuals, the SMART Board 8055i is also the first interactive display to include presence detection, automatically detecting user movements for quick startup automatic shut-down, increased power savings and longer life. The interactive flat panel uses DViT (Digital Vision Touch) technology to offer an enhanced multitouch experience, while supporting freestyle interaction, touch gestures and object awareness enabling a collaborative learning experience. With the 8055i, users can select, move or write over objects simultaneously for increased interaction. SMART plans to release SMART Board 8000 series interactive flat panels for education in larger sizes in the near future to offer educators a wider range of displays to support teaching, learning and collaboration. For more information on the SMART Board 8055i, visit

For more information, watch this video featuring the SMART Board 8055i interactive flat panel.

See images of the SMART Board 8000 series interactive flat panels.

“The introduction of this interactive flat panel expands our display line, offering educators flexibility and choice as they plan their teaching, learning and student collaboration spaces,” says Linda Thomas, Vice President, Products, SMART Technologies. “We will continue to develop and expand our line of displays, including our interactive projectors, in order to offer even more choice to our customers and strengthen our position as a leading provider of collaborative learning solutions.”


Commercial-grade, touch-enabled display A 55" commercial-grade high-definition display powered by DViT technology delivers a superior touch experience and bright, crisp images that make it easy to engage students in lessons. Features hardened, scratch resistant, anti-glare etched glass that reduces friction and eliminates reflections.

Natural touch gestures Accepts common multitouch gestures such as panning and flicking pages – and object gestures, like zoom, toss and rotate. Supports touch gestures found in Microsoft® Windows 7®, SMART Notebook running Microsoft Windows XP, and Mac OS X Snow Leopard operating systems.

Object awareness –Identifies when users switch between a finger, a pen or an eraser. Users can write with a pen, erase with a palm and move objects with their finger, without having to press buttons, access on-screen menus or replace tools.

SMART Ink – Write notes over any lesson and save them as a SMART Notebook file and turn handwritten notes into text objects to manipulate.

Presence detection Sensors detect and automatically respond to user movements, so the interactive flat panel turns on and stays in active mode when people are near and turns off when no movement is detected.

Pricing and availability

The SMART Board 8055i interactive flat panel will be available in Q3 2012 with a suggested education list price of US$5,999. Prices outside the United States vary by country and may include applicable taxes, duties and import costs. Information on suggested education list prices is available from authorized SMART resellers. For purchasing information, specifications and a list of authorized SMART resellers, visit

SMART Technologies Inc. is a leading provider of collaboration solutions that change the way the world works and learns. As the global leader in interactive whiteboards, our focus is on developing a variety of easy-to-use, integrated solutions that free people from their desks and computer screens, making collaboration and learning with digital resources more natural. Our products have transformed teaching and learning in more than two million classrooms worldwide, reaching over 40 million students and their teachers. In business, our Freestorm visual collaboration solutions improve the way that people work and collaborate, enabling them to be more productive and reduce costs.

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