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Enter your serial number or product key

To enter a single serial number (hardware) or product key (software)
Type the serial number or product key in the box below, click Validate, and then click Next.

To enter more than one serial number or product key

Type the serial numbers or product keys separated by commas or hard returns in the box below, click Validate, and then click Next.


To obtain a product key for SMART software

If you purchased a SMART Notebook hardware bundle on or after April, 2013, you may be entitled to SMART Notebook Advantage software maintenance. Register your hardware serial number below to receive, if eligible, a new SMART Notebook Classroom software license key* with your Advantage maintenance entitlement.

*Note: Each SMART Notebook Classroom license entitles the user to install the software on up to 4 devices associated with a single classroom. Each eligible hardware device registered provides one classroom license.

Type the serial number of an eligible hardware product into the box below, click Validate, and then click Next. Fill out the registration forms, and SMART will e-mail you a product key for the associated software.

Eligible hardware products include:

  • SMART Board interactive whiteboards
  • SMART Board for flat-panel displays interactive whiteboards
  • SMART Podium interactive pen displays
  • SMART Document Cameras
  • SMART Tables
  • SMART Interactive Projectors

NOTE: If you have a SMART Board 600i interactive whiteboard system, you must register the serial numbers of both the interactive whiteboard and the projector.

How to Register Hardware Serial Numbers:

  1. Enter your hardware serial number(s) in the text box below. If you have multiple serial numbers, hit return after each.
  2. Click on VALIDATE. If your serial numbers are valid, a message will appear to the right, indicating the serial numbers that will be registered.
  3. Click NEXT
  4. You will be prompted to enter contact information. Fill out all required fields and click NEXT
  5. You will receive a message confirming registration of your products. An email containing your software license key will be sent to the address you provided.

Why register your SMART products?

You'll receive these benefits when you register your SMART products:

Additional warranty coverage – Register your SMART Board 600 or 800 series interactive whiteboard (models SB640, SB660, SB680, SB685, SB690, SB880 or SB885) and you can extend the product warranty to five years at no charge. Registration must occur within two years of purchase. Learn more about our warranty programs.

Streamlined technical support – Make it easier for our technical staff efficiently respond to your inquiries

Important product updates – Sign up to receive important information about your products

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SMART warranty information


SMART offers a variety of ways to protect your investment through standard and extended warranties and the SMART Projector Care Plus program.

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