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e-Learning (Self Pace)

SMART Learning Space (SLS) Survey


Earn a chance to win a gift card for sharing your feedback!

To better enhance and streamline the learning experience on the SMART Learning Space (SLS), SMART’s Learning Management System (LMS), we are launching a survey to collect the benefits and challenges of using this resource to provide online training.

In order to improve the training and professional development SMART Technologies offers, it’s important for the Global Professional Learning team to better understand whether SMART Learning Space (SLS) users complete their courses and if not, what barriers and challenges may have prevented the completion of the course. In an effort to continually enhance and streamline the learning experience of users; internal employees, channel partners, educators and other professionals, of the SMART Learning Space (SLS), we are launching a survey to collect the benefits as well as the barriers and challenges of using the resource for your learning.

Feedback from this survey will be reviewed and actioned based on the overall results and implemented in the current Graphical User Interface (GUI) as well as new interfaces that may be coming in the future. Your feedback will directly impact SMART, our plans for the SMART Learning Space (SLS) and future course offerings.

Global Professional Learning recognizes your time commitments and has worked to provide a comprehensive but simple survey to collect your feedback. In the spirit of giving, if you complete the survey in its entirety, you will be entered for a chance to win a $100 gift card.

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e-Learning (Self Pace)

Introduction to SMART Notebook Part II: Enhanced Skills


This session builds on the previous training session Introduction to SMART Notebook Part I: Software Basics by taking an in-depth look at managing and customizing content and resources in SMART Notebook collaborative learning software. You’ll learn how to manage Gallery content, create and add themes and link objects to other resources.

Duration: 15 minutes

Session objectives

  • Manage your own Gallery content
  • Add keywords to your content
  • Create and add themes
  • Link objects to websites, sounds, attachments and other pages
  • Access a SMART Notebook file from home 


e-Learning (Self Pace)

Introduction to SMART Notebook Part I: Software Basics


This session provides an introductory overview of SMART Notebook collaborative learning software. By deconstructing an existing SMART Notebook lesson, you’ll learn various lesson creation techniques and gain an understanding of the software’s user interface and basic functionality.    

Duration: 15 minutes

Session objectives

  • Learn how to access the SMART Exchange website, and then search for and download content
  • Review the menu bar, toolbar and tabs in the SMART Notebook interface
  • Identify lesson creation techniques that support student learning outcomes
  • Create, clone and manipulate text and images
  • Write and save notes
  • Save a SMART Notebook file


Learning Resource

Getting Started


The following free training resources will provide you with an overview on how to get started with SMART Notebook collaborative learning software, how to use the Gallery and Lesson Activity Toolkit, and how to create engaging, interactive SMART Notebook lessons.

Quick Reference Guides

  • Collecting and Sharing Content – PDF
  • Toolbars and Tabs in SMART Notebook Software – PDF
  • Hardware basics for SMART Board Interactive Whiteboards – PDF
  • Working with SMART Notebook Gallery Collections – PDF
  • SMART Board Interactive Whiteboard Basic Functionality – PDF
  • SMART Notebook Maestro Quick Start Guide - PDF

Self-paced tutorials

  • SMART Notebook Software Basics – Flash
  • Using the Page Sorter in SMART Notebook Software – Flash
  • Using the Properties Tab in SMART Notebook software – Flash
  • Using Objects in SMART Notebook software – Flash
  • Touch, Write and Save using SMART Ink – Flash
  • Using the Gallery in SMART Notebook Software – Flash
  • Using the Lesson Activity Toolkit in SMART Notebook Software – Flash


  • SMART Notebook Layers – video
    This video shows you how to create simple layers and groups to create engaging lessons.

  • The Transparent Background – video
    This video shows you how to use the Transparent Background in SMART Notebook software.

  • The Notebook Gallery – video
    This video shows you how to search and browse the SMART Notebook Gallery, and shows some examples of activities in the Gallery.

SMART Notebook 10.8 Resources
SMART Notebook German Resources

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