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The software at the center of a complete solution

SMART collaborative learning solutions

Accommodating varied learning styles, facilitating small-group collaboration, ensuring the lesson you've just taught was understood, supporting differentiated instruction – all while keeping every student engaged. Overwhelming, isn't it? But it doesn't have to be. SMART collaborative learning solutions provide an integrated way to achieve all of the above. And much more.

SMART Notebook 11 diagram

Our solution, which encompasses a broad range of interactive displays, curriculum and assessment products and implementation and maintenance products, is built around SMART Notebook collaborative learning software – the world's leading lesson creation software. Intuitive to use and easy to adopt, SMART Notebook software makes it easy to create interactive lessons that support student-centered learning while seamlessly incorporating other SMART products.

But the benefits go beyond this. Once you have SMART Notebook software, you have a solid foundation on which you can continue to build and upgrade your classroom solution for years to come.

Latest products

SMART Notebook 11

SMART Notebook 11 collaborative learning software

Learn how SMART Notebook 11 software puts more creative power into the hands of teachers.

Response icon

SMART Response 2012 software

Learn about the powerful new features of SMART Response 2012 software, such as tagging questions by educational standards or cognitive levels.

40wi Interactive Projector tb

LightRaise 40wi interactive projector

Learn how the pen-enabled, ultra-short-throw LightRaise projector is ideal for environments where there is a greater focus on directed learning.

Collaboration software

SMART Notebook icon

SMART Notebook collaborative learning software

Easy-to-use software that enables teachers to create, deliver and manage interactive lessons within a single application.

Interactive displays

Three SMART Boards

SMART Board interactive whiteboard

A large, touch-sensitive digital whiteboard that combines the simplicity of a traditional whiteboard with the power of a computer. By touching the interactive surface, users can control computer applications, write in digital ink and share and save marked-up documents. Three different models are available:

SMART Board 800 series interactive whiteboard – A high-quality, touch-enabled interactive whiteboard featuring intuitive touch gestures and multitouch, multiuser capabilities for a truly collaborative experience. Learn more.

SMART Board 600 series interactive whiteboard – A high-quality, touch-enabled interactive whiteboard that provides an intuitive user experience. Learn more.

SMART Board 400 series interactive whiteboard – An entry-level interactive whiteboard that is touch enabled and offers an engaging user experience. Learn more.

40wi Interactive Projector tb

LightRaise interactive projector

A pen-enabled, ultra-short-throw projector that can turn nearly any surface into an interactive learning space.

8055i straight tb

SMART Board interactive flat panels

A digital display that combines the touch-enabled capabilities of an interactive whiteboard with a high-quality, high-definition LCD display.


SMART Podium interactive pen display

A display that enables a presenter to face the audience while projecting and interacting with content on a large screen.

SMART Table interactive learning center

SMART Table interactive learning center

A multitouch, multiuser learning center that enables groups of young students to collaborate and work simultaneously on its surface from all sides.

Curriculum and assessment products and resources

SMART Exchange

The SMART Exchange website

An online community where teachers can connect with each other and access over 50,000 classroom-ready resources.



A comprehensive interactive whiteboard content solution that offers over 2,500 math and literacy lessons for K–1 classrooms.

SMART Response LE interactive response system

SMART Response interactive response systems

A full range of assessment systems that enable teachers to instantly assess student learning in order to provide differentiated instruction.

SMART Document Camera SDC330 - Straight on thumbnail

SMART Document Camera

A portable device that enables teachers to display images or video of documents or objects on a SMART Board interactive whiteboard.

SMART Slate wireless slate

SMART Slate wireless slate

A tablet-style device that enables wireless interaction with the SMART Board interactive whiteboard.

SMART Audio 340

SMART Audio classroom amplification system

A voice amplification system that distributes sound evenly throughout the classroom.

SMART Notebook Math Tools icon

SMART Notebook Math Tools

An add-on to SMART Notebook software that enables teachers to demonstrate math concepts visually on a SMART Board interactive whiteboard.

Notebook 3D Tools

3D Tools for SMART Notebook software

A plug-in for SMART Notebook software that enables teachers to import 3D content into lessons.

Notebook SE icon

SMART Notebook SE (Student Edition) software

Software that enables students to complete schoolwork, take notes, manage due dates and organize digital material.

Notebook Express icon

SMART Notebook Express web application

A web-based application that enables anyone to open, edit and share course materials created with SMART Notebook software.

SYNC icon

SMART Sync classroom management software

Software that enables teachers to easily connect their computer to every student computer in a classroom.

Bridgit icon

Bridgit conferencing software

A software application that supports distance education and remote collaboration by enabling participants to share voice, video and data over the Internet.

SMART Ideas icon

SMART Ideas concept-mapping software

A visual learning and concept-mapping application that helps students better analyze and understand complex concepts.

Implementation and maintenance products

SMART Vantage logo

SMART Vantage technology-management software

A web-based software application that makes it easy to manage the SMART Board interactive whiteboards and projectors in a school or district.

Training events

Professional development and training

SMART offers a full range of complimentary online training. Users of SMART products can complete courses through our online learning management system. They can also participate in our face-to-face, fee-based learning events.

Illustration of man wearing headset


We support the effective use of our products by offering customers access to software upgrades that provide the latest features and functionality. We also offer technical support services that are available around the world.

Are you ready to experience the power of SMART Notebook software?

SMART Notebook 11

See how the powerful new features in SMART Notebook 11 software can fill your classroom with amazing learning moments.

Add interactivity almost anywhere

LightRaise 40wi interactive projector

See how the new LightRaise 40wi interactive projector from SMART enables educators to deliver interactive SMART Notebook lessons on nearly any surface.

SMART Technologies is a leading provider of technology solutions that enable inspired collaboration in schools and workplaces around the world by turning group work into a highly interactive, engaging and productive experience. SMART delivers an integrated solution of hardware, software and services designed for superior performance and ease of use, and remains a world leader in interactive displays.
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