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SMART solutions in STEM education

STEM education

Helping students experience the wonder of math and science

See how SMART products engage students by bringing science and math concepts to life.

STEM video

SMART solutions in STEM education

SMART products make it easy for teachers to bring the physical world into their classrooms and create lessons that are vibrant, interactive and easy to understand. The classroom becomes a hub of inquiry, discovery and collaboration where students are inspired to learn and explore.

STEM classroom using SMART products, girl student using mixed reality cube

STEM - Young girl and older version of herself using SMART Board

Spark an interest that lasts a lifetime

Increased student engagement in STEM subjects offers benefits now and in the future. It improves academic achievement and instills a lifelong interest in science, technology, engineering and math. With SMART's integrated line of interactive products, teachers can encourage students to participate in learning by offering them opportunities to see, hear and touch lesson material.

The core
SB 800i

SMART Board 800i interactive whiteboard system

The 800i helps students

  • Work together at the same time anywhere on the interactive surface to develop a better understanding of complex equations or concepts
  • Interact and explore content using intuitive touch gestures such as toss, rotate or zoom and the navigational gestures available with multitouch operating systems
  • Work intuitively – switch seamlessly from writing with a pen, erasing with a hand and moving objects using a finger
SMART Board 600i interactive whiteboard

SMART Board 600i interactive whiteboard system

The 600i helps students

  • Better understand math and science concepts because they can interact with lesson content
  • Become more engaged in lessons, whether students are kinesthetic, auditory or visual learners
  • Stay interested and focused, because teachers can add images to make STEM subjects more visually appealing and relevant
  • Visualize concepts, because teachers can demonstrate topics such as probability using a coin toss activity that everyone can see
SMART Notebook 10 icon

SMART Notebook collaborative learning software

SMART Notebook software helps STEM teachers

  • Easily integrate additional SMART products with their SMART Board interactive whiteboard without disrupting the flow of lessons
  • Create dynamic lessons by using content from the Gallery and incorporating videos, audio and Flash content
  • Record lessons and play them back for students who missed a class or need complex concepts repeated
The SMART classroom
SMART Response family

SMART Response interactive response systems

SMART Response systems offer many benefits for STEM instruction.

  • Teachers can choose from five models for different learning environments
  • With SMART Response VE, students can use their own mobile device to answer questions
  • Students can use the full QWERTY keyboard on SMART Response XE to respond to questions requiring input of scientific terms and formulas or open-text answers
  • Intelligent grading available in SMART Response XE enables teachers to choose the acceptable range of answers for questions
  • Teachers can view and manage assessment data from one location using the built-in grade book, which helps them save time and stay organized
  • Teachers can easily prepare questions for lessons and add questions spontaneously to gauge understanding – the systems seamlessly integrate with SMART Notebook software
SMART Table interactive learning center

SMART Table interactive learning center

The SMART Table helps young students

  • Explore math and science concepts as they work in small groups, learning together and having fun
  • Represent and interact with numbers in different ways, completing activities that require them to visually group numbers or count aloud to reinforce basic math concepts
SMART Document Camera - Straight on thumbnail

SMART Document Camera

The SMART Document Camera offers many benefits for STEM instruction.

  • Teachers can conveniently launch the SMART Document Camera directly from SMART Notebook software, capturing images and then instantly adding them to their lessons
  • With Mixed Reality Tools, students can manipulate 3D images and see objects such as molecular structures from all angles
  • Teachers can use the SMART Document Camera with a microscope, instantly displaying the slide images to the entire class
SMART Slate wireless slate

SMART Slate wireless slate

The SMART Slate offers many benefits for STEM instruction.

  • Students can sit at their desks and fill in answers for a science activity or write math problems and equations using the SMART Slate, and the information is displayed on the interactive whiteboard for the entire class to see
  • Teachers can move around the room to help individual students with complex concepts while continuing to guide the whole-class lesson
SMART Audio 340

SMART Audio classroom amplification system

The SMART Audio system offers many benefits for STEM instruction.

  • Teachers can use the wireless microphone so they don't have to repeat instructions or strain their voices to be heard
  • Because lesson content is amplified throughout the classroom, students are less likely to miss critical information or explanations of complex concepts


Accessories can enhance your SMART Board interactive whiteboard and provide many benefits for STEM instruction.

  • Teachers can have an integrated system with single-button control of all multimedia devices by adding a SMART projector retrofit kit to their interactive whiteboard
  • Teachers can play audio files during lessons and enhance sound quality in the classroom using speakers mounted to their SMART Board interactive whiteboard
Software products
SMART Notebook Math Tools icon

SMART Notebook Math Tools software

SMART Notebook Math Tools offers many benefits for STEM instruction.

  • Students can gain greater understanding of math and science concepts – teachers can use specialized tools and features such as the graph builder and equation editor to make lessons visual, interactive and easier to understand
  • Students can naturally interact with lesson material by creating graphs and tables from handwritten equations
  • Teachers can launch TI-SmartView Emulator Software with a single click, so it's available on the SMART Board interactive whiteboard anytime during a lesson
  • Teachers can easily demonstrate the relationship between tables of values and their points plotted on the graph – changed values on a graph are automatically reflected in a table and vice versa
  • Teachers can save time by using the equation editor to copy and paste equations from other applications, without having to reformat or edit them
Classroom Suite icon

SMART Classroom Suite interactive learning software

This software suite makes it easy for teachers in computer-enabled classrooms to manage their classrooms, assess learning and encourage collaboration.

  • Teachers can move seamlessly between whole-class, small-group and individual instruction
  • Teachers can easily assess student understanding of STEM lesson material anytime during class
  • Students can complete assignments and create their own interactive material using the same software platform as their teachers
  • Teachers can save class time by quickly sending lesson material or website links to all students at once
SYNC icon

SMART Sync classroom management software

SMART Sync connects the teacher and student computers in a computer-enabled classroom, helping teachers guide learning and keeping students focused.

  • Students can learn together by working on group assignments and sharing screens without having to leave their computers
  • Teachers can share content from their computer screen so students can see the lesson material being presented in greater detail
  • Teachers can monitor student computers, help students who need it and keep all students focused on learning
SMART Ideas icon

SMART Ideas concept-mapping software

SMART Ideas software offers many benefits for STEM instruction.

  • Students can better understand and analyze complex concepts by building multilevel concept maps to break down information into smaller pieces
  • Teachers can enhance lessons by adding multimedia files to reinforce and explain concepts
  • Teachers and students can choose from over 2,000 clip art resources, which are resizable and organized by curriculum topic
Content and community
SMART Exchange

SMART Exchange website

The SMART Exchange website is a free resource that helps STEM teachers

  • Save time preparing lessons by easily accessing over 50,000 high-quality interactive learning resources, including 18,000 lessons for math and science
  • Find specific lessons that meet state or provincial curriculum standards
  • Connect and share effective teaching strategies with other STEM teachers
Illustration of woman in front of certificate

SMART training and professional development

SMART training and professional development helps STEM teachers

  • Get the most from their SMART products and incorporate classroom technology into their daily teaching
  • Obtain professional development credits – SMART training courses can be applied toward professional development credits

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White papers

SMART develops white papers on a variety of topics to help customers make informed decisions about which products best suit their needs.


Physical Design Tools Support and Hinder Innovative Engineering Design

Engineers use various physical tools (e.g., computers, smart boards, notes, and prototypes) to support their design work. To understand cognitive processes underlying the innovative design process and to reveal the characteristics of innovation-supporting environments, the pattern of tool use was examined in 43 interdisciplinary engineering design teams enrolled in a full-semester product realization course. Successful teams (i.e., high and medium success groups) were found to use a SMART Board and physical prototypes consistently more often throughout the design process, whereas unsuccessful teams (i.e., low success group) used a computer, laptop, and paper notes more often.

SMART Board Interactive whiteboards shown to be highly effective for collaborative learning

Researchers at Riverview High School in New Brunswick, Canada, compared the performance of small groups completing learning activities on SMART Board® interactive whiteboards to groups completing the same activities on laptops. They found that using an interactive whiteboard increased student performance on posttests, which were given to students after they finished the group activities on either an interactive whiteboard or a laptop.

The Value of Interactive Whiteboard Technology in Supporting Teacher Practice and Student Mathematics Achievement

Researchers involved in this project are tracking student achievement in math at 11 inner-city elementary schools in the Toronto District School Board. These schools all use SMART Board interactive whiteboards and SMART Notebook software in daily instruction. One aim of the study is to create a learning community that will help teachers develop the expertise to use interactive whiteboards to support and enrich the teaching of the elementary mathematics curriculum.

Report on the Use of the SMART Board Interactive Whiteboard in Physical Science

This project measured the effectiveness of a SMART Board interactive whiteboard in physical science topics that require visualization of complex phenomena.

Math Intervention "SMART" Project (Student Mathematical Analysis and Reasoning with Technology)

This project addressed improving grade one math scores through intervention programs.

Using the SMART Board Interactive Whiteboard to Create a Hands-on Approach to Learning Mathematics

This project investigated the use of a digital whiteboard to teach linear, nonlinear and exponential relationships in five grade-eight math classes.

The Digital Whiteboard as a Notes-Taking Aid

This study analyzed students' attitudes toward, and test performance resulting from, the use of a digital whiteboard in an elementary statistics for the social sciences class.

Best Screen Play: A Comparison of Paired Team Play Using SMART Board Interactive Whiteboards versus Paired Individual Play Using Computers

This study analyzed the effectiveness of a SMART Board interactive whiteboard for grade six and seven students playing a mathematics computer game.

The Effect of Student-directed versus Traditional Teacher-centered Presentations of Content on Student Learning in a High School Statistics Class

This study compared the effects of two different instructional delivery methods on student learning in a senior-level statistics classes.

The Effect of the SMART Board Interactive Whiteboard on Raising State Test Scores

This project studied the effect of the introduction of an interactive whiteboard on raising test scores by enhancing motivation, attentiveness and comprehension in a grade-three math class.

Math Motivation with SMART Board Technology

This project analyzed the motivational impact of the SMART Board interactive whiteboard on math students with disabilities.

Report on the Use of the SMART Board Interactive Whiteboard in Physical Science

This project measured the effectiveness of a SMART Board interactive whiteboard in physical science topics that require visualization of complex phenomena.

Elementary Science Lab Outreach Efforts: Extending Science Lessons to Support Improvements in Students' Study Skills and Math

This project sought to determine the most effective study methods for improving critical math skills for inner-city students.

A Constructivist Approach to Technology-Based Problem Solving

This study investigated whether using a SMART Board interactive whiteboard in a collaborative setting promotes mathematical problem solving.

The Effects of the SMART Board Interactive Whiteboard on High School Students with Special Needs in a Functional Mathematics Class

This research project on the SMART Board interactive whiteboard investigated its effect on the achievement of 11 students with special needs in a functional mathematics class. The project concludes that the SMART Board interactive whiteboard appears to be a positive tool for assisting functional math achievement with these students.


Bringing Math and Science to Life

This video shows how SMART products make it easy for teachers to increase students' interest in science and math.

Math Scores Soar with SMART Response

In our Math Scores Soar with SMART Response video, you'll see how Hurst Junior High School in Texas used our interactive response system to increase math scores.

A fast and effective way to assess learning

Discover how the SMART Response interactive response system can help teachers assess learning more efficiently and enhance student comprehension of lesson material.

Introducing the SMART Board 800 series interactive whiteboard

Meet the new interactive whiteboard that puts the world at your fingertips. Discover how to toss, flick and grow your way through lessons.

Touch gestures video

Discover new ways to explore content. You can zoom, flick and toss on the SMART Board 800 series interactive whiteboard.

Customer stories

Experiencing Exponential Growth in Math

Learn how the SMART Board interactive whiteboard can enable educators to support inquiry-based learning in math, and why these products are used in the teacher education program at Trent University.

Science Teachers Get the Right Reaction with SMART Products

Find out how Ian Fogarty motivates the students in his science classes to find answers or conduct experiments themselves.

New Program Uses SMART Products to Help Students Collaborate and Connect

Discover how the NetGeneration of Youth Cyberjournalists program is helping teachers use technology and resources to engage students in STEM subject areas.

Gloucester City Public Schools

Math scores grow by 16 percentage points with SMART products.

SMART Exchange website

SMART Board 685ix with flying content screens - matte blue

Access easy-to-use, relevant, classroom-ready resources and connect to a growing, vibrant online community on the SMART Exchange website.

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