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UF55 or UF55w Projector Doesn’t Work

SMART Hardware UF55 and UF55w projectors


The powering indicator light on the underside of the projector flashes green, but the projector doesn’t turn on.


The outer lamp module cover isn’t closed securely.


The security tab inside the lamp module cover is damaged or broken.


Check the outer lamp cover, and then check the security tab.

To check the outer lamp module cover

  1. Locate the outer lamp module cover on the underside of the projector.

  2. If the cover is closed securely, refer to the next procedure.


    If the cover isn’t closed securely, press on it until it snaps shut.

    The projector starts automatically.

To check the outer cover security tab

  1. Pull up the outer lamp cover using your finger.

  2. Locate the security tab on the inside of the cover and then inspect the tab for damage.

    If the tab is damaged, order a new cover. If the tab is undamaged and the projector still doesn’t work, it may require service. In either case, contact your authorized SMART reseller (


The security tab activates the electrical interlocks that allow the projector to be turned on.

First Published May 19, 2009


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