SMART® Document Camera 650

4K Ultra HD

13 MP camera

10x optical zoom   230x total zoom

5-year warranty 

Wired or dual-band Wi-Fi

 Peer-to-peer wireless connectivity

HD video conferencing (UVC compliant)
Connected and captivating

Document Camera and webcam in one

Capture content in 4K Ultra HD using the camera's 230x zoom (10x optical, 23x digital). Then point the adjustable lens at the classroom, using the camera as a high-quality webcam.

Built-in microphone

The UVC compliant webcam functionality and a built-in microphone make the SMART Document Camera ideal for use with popular conferencing platforms such as Zoom, Microsoft Teams and Google Meet, to help keep learning going strong, wherever it needs to happen.

Portable and flexible

For connectivity combined with portability, the camera is equipped with Wi-Fi, Peer-to-Peer, Miracast and a rechargeable battery. Connect to Windows 10 or Mac OS computers, or directly to your SMART interactive display from anywhere in the classroom.

Simple in every way

The SMART Document Camera 650 is easy to set up, use and maintain for every student mix and room configuration
Camera Controls

Easy to use

A remote control makes the capture, recording and broadcast of lessons simple. Teachers control zoom, autofocus, brightness and more—from within the classroom.
Teacher signaling screen

Straightforward to implement

Plug & play through HDMI or USB, or use a wireless connection option—the SMART Document Camera works easily in any classroom configuration
Happy teacher

Easy to support

Equip all your classrooms with a reliable, high-quality device that supports video conferencing, streaming and image capture to keep learning moving forward.

More engaging learning

The SMART Document Camera 650 allows teachers to capture lessons as they’re delivered and showcase hands-on instruction. No matter the grade level, students can easily  share their work. The rich, 4K Ultra HD fuels engagement and unites any classroom experience, even while video conferencing.

Increase student access and understanding

Using the Document Camera app or your SMART interactive display to write and draw over the video feed helps focus students' attention.


Demonstrations at a safe distance

The Ultra HD visualizer with 230x total zoom allows students to share small work in a big way, with everyone in the class. Teachers can display student demonstrations of learning where engagement is critical to understanding, including art, music, and science.

Camera with existing tech

The Document Camera 650 works with your existing tech

A SMART purchase adds value to the hardware already in your classrooms. Enable every teacher and eliminate the need to support BYO devices.
Kids using the Smart Board

Simple integration with SMART

Connect to any SMART interactive display with iQ to view and capture, write over content and use floating widgets, no computer needed.
Pair it with Smart Notebook

Uninterrupted lesson flow in SMART Notebook

SMART Notebook software integration lets you use the camera without leaving your lesson. Capture screenshots directly into your lesson file, then augment the high-quality images with digital ink and all the great interactive tools SMART Notebook offers.
Mac and windows compatibility

Works with Mac and Windows

Enjoy expanded compatibility with Windows 10 and Mac OS computers, including wireless connection options with the SDC-650 app and P2P USB dongle.