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SMART Learning Space

We are excited to announce the launch of the new SMART Learning Space. The SMART Learning Space is now hosted on CoursePark – a social learning platform loaded with highly innovative interactive learning experiences that will enhance your ability to teach, support learning and improve student outcomes.

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Here are some of the exciting features that are available to you:

  • An array of interactive learning experiences – from formal courses to informal training in the form of videos, blog posts and community discussion boards.
  • Interactive, self-paced offerings with rich multimedia content showing you how to integrate technology into your teaching practices.
  • Access to a community of learners sharing information and tips on integrating technology and pedagogy
  • Amanda’s 100 Teacher Tips video series and blog posts
  • A variety of certification programs to demonstrate your competencies in interactive teaching, lesson development and education administration
  • A graphical user interface for easy navigation and empowered access to the learning you need

Getting started

New to the SMART Learning Space? Check out the SMART Learning Space tutorial, or download the Quick Start Guide.

Need help?

Contact Coursepark.

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If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us at, or call us at 1.866.518.6791.

Enter the SMART Learning Space

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The SMART Learning Space makes it easy for you to plan, access and keep track of your training.

Learn more about the SMART Learning Space.

Training resources

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Search all of our resources to find training that accommodates your needs. Filter your search criteria by product, category or training format.

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