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SMART business solutions by industry and sector

When your teams work together toward common goals, your business can benefit more from everything they have to offer – their ideas, skills, experiences and inspiration. That's true collaboration. SMART business solutions can help change the way you share and work with digital information, turning your workplaces into interactive, engaging collaboration spaces where teamwork can thrive.

Man and woman reviewing images on SMART Board

Architecture, engineering and construction

SMART business solutions enhance every stage of design review, offering innovative features that facilitate collaboration and enable real-time interaction with content and designs.

Man reviewing manufacturing parts on SMART Board


Learn how SMART business solutions can help you share information quickly and effectively across distances. When you have the tools to streamline processes and communication, you can increase productivity and adapt rapidly to new methods, technologies and market conditions.

Fireman with SMART Board

First Responders

SMART business solutions can help you streamline every stage of emergency management by changing the way you access and work with digital information – in command and control centers or in the field.

Male soldier with SMART Board


With SMART solutions, you can streamline the exchange of information with personnel in the same room, in the field or in facilities around the world. Our interactive whiteboards and displays can help make training, briefing, planning and strategizing more effective.

Man working on a SMART Board - government

Public Sector

SMART solutions can help you enhance operational efficiency by changing the way you share and work with digital information, so you can foster effective collaboration with personnel in the same room, across the country or around the world.


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4D - Fourth dimension

Find out how the 4th dimension of collaboration can help your teams achieve better results.