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Turn meeting rooms into content rich work environments for architecture, engineering and construction teams with the SMART Visual Collaboration Solution. It turns everything from simple sketches to elaborate 3D models into dynamic, interactive content that you can manipulate and ink over within the applications you use daily.

Whether it's a design review, project coordination or conceptual design session, everyone is involved and up-to-date at all times. No miscommunication. No rework.

Implement the SMART Visual Collaboration Solution to see a return of investment in as little as one week.

What does this mean for AEC?

For architecture, engineering and construction teams, project schedules can slip as much as 30% because of miscommunication. Miscommunication leads to mistakes, and at any level, mistakes lead to rework, costing time and money. Wouldn't it be great if all that extra work could be avoided by keeping everyone involved and up-to-date at all time? The SMART Visual Collaboration Solution enables any meeting participant, no matter where they are in the world, to participate in a meeting as if they were there, including being able to interact with content. Implement it, and see ROI in as little as one week.

Benefits of a SMART Solution

  • Reduce rework through improved team communication
  • Minimize schedule delays by involving stakeholders throughout the process
  • Interact with virtual models to identify issues in pre-construction stages
AEC Work

Integration with design review applications

Annotate seamlessly over a variety of industry-leading design review applications to guide communication and add collaboration, ensuring the workflow never gets disrupted.

Quotes from industry leaders

"We're able to get on topic, pull up a 3D model, show the problem and quickly get others on board. Everyone in the room can quickly understand what the issue is and collaborate on resolving it."

Dan Gramer,
National Building Manager,
Integrated Building Solutions, Turner Construction

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"Team members find working with SMART Board interactive whiteboards helps them "solve problems quickly and they're able to easily involve people that need to be part of the process."

Atul Khanzode,
Director of Virtual Building,
DPR Construction

DPR Construction
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"The advantages and ROI is obvious because how productive it (SMART Boards) makes us and how we can do things, particularly from a distance that we could not do before."

Martin Jones,
GEC Architecture

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"With the SMART Board interactive whiteboard, we can very easily demonstrate what works and what doesn't. The evolution of a plan can take place right there, when normally it would take three meetings"

Helma Gansen,
President, 4te inc.
(formerly Gansen Lindsay Design Consultants Inc.)

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"SMART Board interactive whiteboards have made us a much more efficient streamlined business. It's allowed us to work in marketplaces we might not have been able to do so quickly. It has given our clients a level of service that surpasses our rivals."

David Robinson,
Managing Director,
IBSECAD BIM Consultancy

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"With SMART what we've been able to create is an environment where we can bring people together and share knowledge about projects. We use SMART Solutions because it supports our new vision on how to operate as a contracting company."

René de Groot,
Program Manager BIM,
Volker Wessels

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Did you know...

In the world's largest database on collaboration best practices, the AEC industry:

  • Has an average collaboration maturity level of 20/100, reaching the unsupported category lacing integrated strategy, process and culture.

AEC organizations who have adopted collaboration best practices have:

  • More engaged team members
  • Faster communication among stakeholders
  • Improved quality conformance
  • Shorter project meetings
  • Better understanding of client requirements

Our solution, tailored to your needs

The SMART Visual Collaboration Solution Configurator is an easy way to discover the right solution for your unique needs.

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