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How to Get Support in 3 easy steps


Visit our support site at

  • Find user guides, install guides, tutorials, troubleshooting documents and much more on our support site.

Contact your SMART Authorized Reseller

  • Your SMART Authorized Reseller should be your first point of contact if you cannot find your answer in our knowledge base.

Contact SMART Enterprise Support

  • If your SMART authorized reseller is unable to assist or if you're unable to resolve the issue, you can open a case with SMART Enterprise Support. Enter the serial number for your product in the field below, and then click next. Please provide as much detail as possible in the next online form to help us when we troubleshoot your product. We will then contact you to resolve the issue.
  • To contact Enterprise support by phone, call 1-888-42SMART (1-888-427-6278).
Enter Serial Number(s) or Software License Key(s)

How to find your serial numbers

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        Basic Support Elite Support Platinum Support
      Hours of response 8-5 Local Business Hours 24 X 5 24 X 7
      Response Service Level Max 2 Hours Max 1 Hours Max 30 minutes
      • If you did not buy a SMART Enterprise Support package with your product and you need help with your SMART product now, contact your SMART Authorized Reseller to purchase an annual maintenance and then contact SMART via the website.
      • To find out more on our SMART Enterprise Support Packages or to learn more about service offerings please see our service page.

      Need answers and information?

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      Search SMART's knowledge base - a library of thousands of technical articles.

      Please provide us with as much details as possible. What the issue is, what you were doing when the issue occurred, any troubleshooting steps you attempted. Software version. Firmware Versions.