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SMART Technologies Where To Buy

Where to buy SMART products

SMART’s award-winning products are sold through a global network of fully trained authorized resellers who can help you choose the best SMART products, whether for your school, business or any level of government. Find an authorized reseller in your area.


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Make the most of your interactive technology investments and deliver lasting results with SMART training and professional development.



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Make teaching easier and improve student learning outcomes by choosing SMART products for your school.


Higher Ed

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Create technology-enabled environments that increase student engagement and prepare them better for the future.




To enhance meetings, collaboration, information sharing and training sessions, contact an authorized reseller to help you choose the best SMART solution to meet your business needs.



SMART government customers

Choose SMART products to help bring clarity and consensus to your onsite meetings, distance collaboration and training sessions. Contact an authorized reseller who can help you choose the right SMART solution.


Where to buy

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Are you ready to purchase SMART products? Find an authorized reseller near you or call us now to speak to a live sales representative

Caution – Purchase from an Authorized Reseller only

Thank you for searching for an authorized SMART reseller. SMART cautions you to buy only from authorized resellers - they receive manufacturer’s support and sales training, and they are equipped to assist you during installation and to handle any problems that may arise afterwards. If you buy SMART products from an unauthorized reseller, the products may be defective, damaged or nonconforming and will not carry SMART’s standard warranty. SMART cannot assist with problems that may occur with SMART products purchased outside of its authorized channels.

If no authorized reseller is listed in your area or if a reseller is claiming to be authorized but does not appear on this list, please call customer information toll free at 1.888.42.SMART for the most up-to-date information.

NOTE: Some authorized SMART resellers do not appear on the list because of their method of distribution or for other reasons