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SMART is renowned for our integrated, easy-to-use solutions that help transform the way the world works and learns. Our business collaboration solutions help corporate and government teams collaborate in more productive ways, and our education solutions help teachers create learning environments where achievement comes naturally.

As the global leader in interactive displays, SMART strives to ensure our Channel Partners are the best in their field. We work with our network to help them inspire greatness in the classroom and businesses. Our technology and services empower teachers, students and teams to collaborate in new and innovative ways.

SMART recognizes that when our Channel Partners succeed, we succeed. To ensure our partnerships thrive, we offer a comprehensive set of programs and services designed to be both profitable and engaging as well as an extensive support system should you need it.

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Jerry Bernard, Kansas City Audio-Visual, Inc.

SMART has demonstrated time and time again that they’re willing to invest the time and energy to understand the teacher, the student and us as their partner. It makes us eager to want to do business and build business together.

Karen Bogosian, Visual Sound, Inc.

We have such close contact with SMART all the time that we feel a really strong partnership and it’s easy for us to sell SMART products. Our customers are thrilled with them!