SMART Technologies Previews Recent Study Highlighting the Interconnection of Teaching, Technology and Learning


Giancarlo Brotto, Global Education Strategist, SMART Technologies


Bett Session: Critical Success Factors for Teaching, Technology and Learning

SMART Technologies Inc. (NASDAQ: SMT) (TSX: SMA), a leading provider of education and collaboration solutions, will preview the findings of its recent research study, Understanding the Interconnection of Teaching, Technology and Learning. The implementation and adoption of truly active learning approaches is top of mind with educators, and yet there is no clear path as to how technology can make the implementation easy, adoption more rapid, and what specific actions lead to incredible educational achievements. SMART Technologies, in collaboration and consultation with a number of IT and education thought leaders and researchers, is assessing the best practices and impacts of technology on active learning programs The study represents more than 400 educators, technology specialists, administrators and IT professionals.

At Bett 2016, Giancarlo Brotto will review the preliminary findings that SMART CEO and President Neil Gaydon shared privately, earlier this week, at the Education World Forum, the world’s largest gathering of education and skills ministers.

According to Dr. Kecia Ray, Executive Director of the Center for Digital Education, "Active Learning environments are critical to student success and the use of technology in these spaces amplifies the level of engagement we can expect to see."

The research confirms that active learning success is enhanced when classroom technology is paired with pedagogical best practices. Additionally:

  • Certain types of technologies support student and teacher outcomes significantly better than other types of technologies.
  • The use and frequency of teaching and learning best practices makes a difference in technology rich classrooms.
  • The research showed software is more closely related to success as compared to hardware and devices. More specifically, when software, such as whole class collaborative software was used daily or for most lessons for student co-creation, respondents achieved positive success.
  • Concerns of technology being a distraction are most prevalent with less experienced educators and increases as student’s age.

Full research results will be published next month. Register here for a copy of the findings.


Wednesday, Jan. 20, 11 a.m. GMT


SMART Technologies Platinum Suite, Bett 2016, ExCeL London


Today's learners live in a digital age. Schools are challenged to keep up with technology and pedagogies that support active learning in the classroom. As Andreas Schleicher highlighted in a recent OECD report, "the future workforce requires these higher end thinking skill that currently we do not assess with our standard-based assessment models."

The team at SMART isn't surprised by the findings from OECD. This research examines some of the gaps within the OECD research and seeks to understand what practices results in better learning and teaching outcomes.

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Posted: January 18, 2016
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