teacher paced

Teacher-Led Learning

Students engage in learning activities at the same time, using virtual tools enabling real-time feedback and discussion.

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Upload Materials you have to SLS Online

These are the types of files you can quickly upload to give access to students virtually while layering in interactivity.

  • Suite.smarttech.com– From My Device
    • PDFs
    • Picture to PDF
    • MS Office documents (PowerPoint or Word)
    • SMART Notebook files
  • Google Drive
    • Only create through Google if students know their school Google account login
    • Printed material – Link to video for picture to PDF to shared drive
    • MS Office documents (PowerPoint or Word)
    • SMART Notebook files
    • Slides or Docs
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Running a Lesson Live
  • Joining the lesson
  • Pacing – Switch between teacher and student
    • Teacher-paced – Students are all on the same page at the same time and see annotations live
    • Student-paced – Students can navigate back and forth to access content

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Real Time Discussion & Questioning
  • Shout It Out
  • Ready Made Activities – Questioning and Reflection
    • Shout It Out
    • Response
    • Handouts

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Group Work in Collaborative Workspaces
  • Blank Page – Converting a page to a Workspace

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Real Time Checks for Understanding
  • Response – Collects student reports
  • Monster Quiz or Team Quiz
  • Handout

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Best Practices Teacher Led Distance Learning: (Synchronous)
  • Consider some students will be on their phones.
  • Leave out videos while online, give them to students as a follow up when offline or as pre-work.
  • Make sure you practice moving between 2 tabs, one for class streaming and one for classroom SLS Online for practice.
  • If you can record the lesson, do for those that cannot get online at that time or for those with slower internet.
  • Keep your teaching time under 5 minutes, then do an activity to keep the students engaged.
  • Best tools for Synchronous – Shout It Out, Monster Quiz/Team Quiz, Response and Workspaces.
  • Use individual handouts for self-paced settings to leverage individual progress monitoring and accountability. We recommend workspaces for live group work sessions with your students.