All-in-one experience

all in one experience

WHITEBOARD: Just walk up and start writing. Start a new Whiteboard, or ink over any application or video input and save your annotations to the files library.

WEB BROWSER: Stopping to plug in a laptop is disruptive. iQ lets you switch to a browser with a tap and surf right at the board.

INPUT PREVIEW: Preview what’s showing on every device plugged into your SMART Board. It takes the guesswork out of switching between inputs.

HOME SCREEN: Make the SMART Board your own. Choose your home screen image and have your favorite and most recent activities, apps and files one click away.

SCREEN SHARE: SMART Board displays work with all sorts of iOS®, Windows® and Android™ devices, including Chromebooks that utilize Google Cast. You can share four screens and stream media. Touchback* allows users to navigate and control the shared device right from the SMART Board.
* Windows & Mac OS® only, available through SMART Screen Share app

APPS LIBRARY: Search the web for apps and add them to your favorites for easy access from your board home screen.

REMOTE MANAGEMENT: A SMART Remote Management subscription lets you efficiently maintain, control and secure all your devices – including SMART Board displays with iQ.

Radio and Bluetooth restrictions?

SMART Board and SMART Board Pro interactive displays are available without iQ for customers that have restrictions on Bluetooth and wireless network hardware.