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Our new visual report—with two years of data—reaches a stunning conclusion: Educators who report the highest level of school technology capabilities are 10 times more likely to observe high teaching and learning outcomes.


It's not always easy to show the effectiveness of EdTech, or to know where to take action to make improvements. 

Based on insights from global education leaders like OECD, CASEL and ISTE, this assessment measures five crucial areas that impact education technology adoption, instruction, and outcomes. 

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Dive deep, reflect and achieve a full organizational assessment of your school. Understand how different departments can work together to achieve goals and improve outcomes. Results will be compiled in an easy shareable report so you can continue the conversation with your team. 

Professional Development

Are you supporting every facet of professional development?

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Blended Learning

Does your technology rise to the challenges of remote, blended or hybrid learning?

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Is your leadership team equipped for strategic technology planning?

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Pedagogy-Driven Technology

Does your technology support dynamic teaching approaches and diverse student needs?

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Do you have the right technology infrastructure to deliver student-centered learning?

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