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Greatness: and how to take it home from an Education Conference.

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SEK-Atlántico presente en la SMART Global Summit 2017 en Canadá

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SEE Global Collaboration Projects use SMART technology to turn the world into one giant classroom where countries, cultures and students meet. Find out how on our SEEs’ personal websites.

SMART offers a two-tiered program for teachers passionate about EdTech. Teachers begin by applying to become a SMART Educator. After meeting a set of requirements, they can apply to become a SMART Exemplary Educator.

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“Technology gives students a voice in a sense that they don’t actually have to use their physical voice to share ideas. It’s really amazing.”

Lauren Aubry • Camelot Elementary • USA

"SMART solutions enhances my students learning, by making it more purposeful, more interaction and above all more fun!"

Mark Hartwright • Castlechurch Primary School • UK

"As the teacher, I had to find ways to reduce that anxiety so Kaykee’s true voice could come out."

Bob Young • Rolling Ridge Elementary • USA

"Technology lets my students participate deeper, with more ease and lets them forget about certain fears at the same time."

Ralf Kroefges • Theodor-Heuss Realschule plus, Wirges • Germany

"SMART has empowered my students to take ownership of their learning. They are the 'teachers'!"

Donna Hafner • Patsy Sommer

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