SMART Interactive Displays Chosen by Texas District

SMART Technologies Interactive Flat Panels Now School District Standard at Texas-based United Independent School District

CALGARY, Alberta, Canada and Laredo, Texas – May 3, 2016 – SMART Technologies Inc. (NASDAQ: SMT) (TSX: SMA), a leading provider of collaboration solutions, is now the standard provider of classroom Interactive Flat Panels, or IFPs, for the United Independent School District (United ISD), in Laredo, Texas. The district, which serves over 43,000 students, will receive 1,300 SMART Board IFPs for kindergarten through 12th grade classrooms. The SMART IFPs were selected after a comparison between three different vendors in front of a committee made up of 50 members from all across the district, including community members.  

“SMART was selected not only for their easy-to-use software, but for their hardware, which allows for natural interactions from users. More teachers and students will be excited to use the board, the learning curve is smaller, and trainings are less costly thanks to the ease of use that comes with SMART IFPs,” said Judith Garcia, Director of Instructional Technology at United ISD. “We’ve also benefited from SMART’s software, which continues to evolve with our teachers’ changing needs in the classroom,” she said.

All SMART interactive flat panels include the SMART Learning Suite, an integrated educational software platform designed to enable natural and collaborative learning experiences that supports a variety of instructional strategies and fosters active learning, inside and outside the classroom. The SMART Learning Suite includes the following programs:

  • Industry-leading SMART Notebook —this software facilitates engaging and interactive learning experiences while providing the flexibility to respond to the needs of learners in real-time.
  • The newly enhanced SMART Lesson Activity Builder (LAB)—SMART LAB enables teachers to create lesson plans and game-based learning activities in less than five minutes.
  • Award-winning SMART amp— A web-based learning platform, amp enables student co-creation of assignments and fosters student collaboration on devices.
  • SMART response 2—A formative assessment software for use on student devices, SMART response 2 allows teachers to create question sets to complement lessons in under five minutes.

“Educators are shifting from legacy interactive displays to state-of-the-art interactive flat panels and we are pleased to bring such advanced tools and capabilities into the classrooms of United ISD,” said Warren Barkley, CTO of SMART Technologies. “Research proves that when best pedagogical practices are supported by educational software and connected devices, students are more likely to collaborate, learn and engage in the ways that are most natural to them,” he said.  
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About United ISD

The 2015-2016 school year marks the United Independent School District’s (UISD) 54th anniversary of providing educational excellence and dedication to student academic success. UISD’s history can be traced back to the spring of 1961, when trustees from three common school districts in Webb County met for the purpose of consolidating into one district. The district’s intent is to continually seek ways to improve and provide consistent, quality instruction for all students in a positive learning environment. The District takes great pride in the excellence achieved thus far. UISD has done so much so quickly, and is still young and growing. In our brief history, our accomplishments have ranged from academic success to fiscal accountability, and if that is any indication of our future, we are confident that our District will continue on its path of continued success. 

About SMART Technologies Inc.

SMART Technologies Inc. (NASDAQ: SMT, TSX: SMA) is a world leader in simple and intuitive solutions that enable more natural collaboration. We are an innovator in interactive touch technologies and software that inspire collaboration in both education and businesses around the globe. To learn more, visit



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Posted: May 3, 2016
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