SMART Interactive Flat Panels are #1 in US Education

SMART shipped more than double the number of Interactive Flat Panels into the US as Their Next Closest Competitor

CALGARY, Alberta, Canada – June 28, 2016 – According to data from Futuresource Consulting Ltd., an independent global research company that has tracked interactive display shipments since 2002, SMART Technologies Inc. (NASDAQ: SMT) (TSX: SMA), is the leader in interactive flat panel displays (IFPs) in the US. Based on data for Q1 2016, SMART shipped more than double the number of IFPs into the US as compared to the next most popular competitor in the market.

SMART leads the US Education IFP market – which includes nursery, K-12 and Higher Education – with a 38.1% share.

“We are so grateful to the teachers and customers who have made SMART’s success possible. It is their continued support, input and enthusiasm for the benefits that collaborative learning brings to the world that has enabled us to continue to stay on the cutting edge of innovation in the IFP space,” says Neil Gaydon, CEO of SMART Technologies. “This ensures that more and more classrooms have access to the very best technology on the market today, and SMART is thrilled to be recognized as a leader in making that happen,” he says.

Built with the best in touch and collaboration technology and based on over 25 years as an industry leader, SMART’s interactive displays offer students and teachers an unrivaled natural learning experience. For example, the new and improved SMART kapp iQ® is specifically designed to deliver a complete, all-in-one classroom solution that provides educators with the flexibility to deliver lessons across a range of learning and instructional styles, including whole-class, small group and individual instruction.

SMART kapp iQ now offers educators simple, one-touch access to a full range of classroom applications, promising a fully integrated experience with student devices. Because all software is built right into the interactive display, both educators and students have seamless access to the applications they use every day, all without the need to physically connect to an external computer. kapp iQ can be mounted on a mobile floor stand, meaning the latest advancements facilitate the creation of flexible learning environments both within and outside of classrooms – it's ready for collaboration anywhere, without the inconvenience of managing cables and hardware.

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SMART Technologies Inc. (NASDAQ: SMT, TSX: SMA) is a world leader in simple and intuitive solutions that enable more natural collaboration. We are an innovator in interactive touch technologies and software that inspire collaboration in both education and businesses around the globe.

Over 2.8 million K-12 classrooms in 175 countries around the world use SMART solutions and SMART Notebook collaborative software for education to make learning more interactive, engaging, effective and fun.

With over 3.2 million SMART Board® interactive whiteboards, interactive displays and interactive projectors installed internationally, SMART has been a consistent innovator since creating the first interactive whiteboard in 1993. To learn more, visit



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Posted: June 28, 2016
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