Ready-made Student Activities for Parents

Share this dashboard with parents for a menu of ready-made activities using Lumioâ„¢ by SMART. Parents will have the ability to select learning activities for their child to complete by logging in using any Microsoft or Google account.

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Teacher Resources Ready to Adapt and Assign

Quickly add ready made activities to your SLSO library where they can be edited and shared with your students. Teachers will be able to see and respond to their students' work.

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create distance learning

Create Activities for Distance Learning

Leverage existing static content and quickly add interactive features to engage for your students remotely. Use interactive games, and collaborative handouts to provide feedback.

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Ideas for Creating Learning Activities



  • Blank Page- Image with Big Idea Question to discuss with Parent
  • Youtube Video
    • Reading A Book, Fairytale, etc
  • GameBase Activity
    • Match'em Up- Vocabulary words
    • Rank order of events
    • Game-show of questions


  • Blank Page- Image of Real life math problem
  • Video of math concepts
  • Game-based activity
    • Matchem Up
    • Rank order of answers
    • Speed it up
    • Super Sort
  • Blank Page - Add links to other websites to practice math concepts


  • Video
  • Game Based activity
    • Review questions
    • Matching
    • Rank Order of Pictures
  • Blank Page- Add links to other websites for students to explore science concepts
  • Choice Boards

  • Blank Page with Directions:
    • Use Vacaroo
  • Choice Boards:
    • Flip Out with choices of tasks
    • Label Reveal with Hidden Tasks
  • Blank Page:
    • Convert to activity- handout for parents to share pictures of student work