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SMART Notebook®
basic version


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  • Create and edit interactive lessons
  • Deliver lessons on interactive displays (optimized for SMART Board® displays)
  • Access at home
  • Desktop only
  • Regular updates ensure compatibility with the latest Windows and Mac OS
  • BONUS: 45-day access to all subscription-based SMART Learning Suite features

SMART Learning Suite


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SMART Notebook basic version*

SMART Learning Suite

Adding text, tables, lines, shapes
Importing CFF, PDF, PPT content
Changing object properties
Inserting content from the Gallery
Cropping images
Cell shade
Inserting attachments
Inserting 3D content
Inserting Geogebra content
Inserting and editing equations
Access anywhere, including at home
with Google or Microsoft account
Measurement tools (ruler, protractor, Geodreieck protractor, compass)
All pen tools
Screen shade
Screen capture
SMART Document Camera viewer
Regular updates to be compatible with the latest OS

SMART Notebook basic version

SMART Learning Suite

Game-based activities
Formative assessments
YouTube add-on
Image web search add-on 
SMART Blocks add-on
Concept mapping add-on

SMART Notebook basic version

SMART Learning Suite

Lesson recorder add-on
Dual page view
Transparent background
Deliver lessons to student devices
Online access to formative assessments and games 
Online access to collaborative workspace activities
Teacher- and student-paced delivery
Assign lessons for out-of-class access
Students continue their work outside of class
Lesson creation and delivery on any device, including Chromebooks
Integration with G Suite, Canvas (via Google Drive), Microsoft (SSO)
OneRoster (coming soon)

* Watermarked when not connected to a SMART Board® interactive display or SMART Podium™ interactive pen display.