Building Grammatical Identification Through the Integration of SMART Learning Suite

A SMART Customer story with Ashley Fultz, Bear Creek School, Elizabethtown, PA

Teacher and School

Ashley Fultz, 5th Grade Teacher Bear Creek School, Elizabethtown, PA

Key Challenge

Students struggled with identifying and defining grammatical terms, such as action, helping and linking verbs.

SMART Solution

SMART Board® 800 series
SMART Learning Suite


Students demonstrated a 20% improvement in their ability to define and identify helping, action and linking verbs in sentences.
“My students enjoyed interacting with one another and the Monster Quiz competition motivated my students to show what they had learned in a healthy and competitive environment.”
— Ashley Fultz

Motivation: Building Grammatical Identification

Bear Creek School is a grade 4-6 school located in a rural community outside of Elizabethtown, Pennsylvania with approximately 930 students. Bear Creek has consistently ranked as one of the top schools in the district, maintaining over an 85% overall rating on their school performance review. Ashley Fultz is a humanities teacher who has a passion for reading. She believes that every student can become lost in the imagination and wonder of books if they embrace the importance of reading. Ashley enjoys using technology along with humor and liveliness to create a comfortable and enjoyable learning environment. She believes that classrooms are not a place to be quiet and rigid, but full of laughter, thought and discovery.

Based on her Study Island Benchmark Assessment, classroom formative assessments, and teacher observations, she noticed that although her students were able to describe different parts of speech (e.g. noun, verb, etc.) they struggled with the application of identifying them in context. She noted they had particular trouble both identifying and defining linking and helping verbs.


Ashley previously used collaborative strategies (think-pair-share) and skills-based worksheets as her primary learning activities. To accomplish her goal, she decided to use SMART Learning Suite to make her current activities more interactive and engaging.

SMART Learning Suite Integration

Ashley utilized several SMART lab activities and SMART response® 2 as a replacement for worksheets and as an activating strategy. She used the Monster Quiz and Shout it Out SMART lab activities at the beginning of her lesson to review previously learned content or preview a skill for the lesson to come. These activities focused on helping her students define and continue to identify the difference between linking, helping, and action verbs. She also used SMART response 2 formative assessments to help students identify helping, linking, and action verbs in sentences.

How SMART Solutions Improved Learning Outcomes

Ashley’s students showed a significant improvement in their ability to define and identify action, helping, and linking verbs in sentences. Her students’ demonstrated a 20% improvement from their pre- to post-assessment. Additionally, she saw a distinct increase in engagement and collaboration when she used Monster Quiz as her daily activator. This was supported by her use of SMART response 2 as a formative assessment tool.

The results allowed her to see how her students were progressing and mastering content within the unit. She also used this data to personalize lessons appropriately or review skills with individual students. While reviewing the data, Ashley was able to easily reuse question sets and content for review, reteaching, and end-of-unit assessments. This quickly transformed how she revisited necessary content, saving her valuable planning time.

Ashley is excited to explore how she can integrate this methodology into additional units to increase student engagement and mastery of other skills and concepts.

Building Grammatical Identification

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Posted: April 18, 2018
in Outcome Studies