Empowering Every Student to Reach Their Full Potential

A SMART Customer Story with Laura Joslin, Founder & CEO of Ability Plus Therapy & Co-Founder of No Limits Academy

No Limits Academy & Ability Plus Therapy

Laura Joslin, M.O.M. (Mom on a Mission with two sons that have cerebral palsy) Melbourne, Florida.
Right Photo: Matthew, Laura and Cheyne Joslin
Left Photo: Jared Leverington, NLA Educator.

Key Challenge

Changing perceptions on the ability to grow cognition for someone with a brain injury, and adapting for physical challenges to meet every student’s full potential.

SMART Solution

SMART Board® 6000 series
SMART Learning Suite (SMART amp™)


Overcoming the physical, instructional and learning barriers of students with physical disabilities, while enhancing visual field acuity.
“SMART was the only company I saw moving forward in both the hardware and software in such a progressive manner. They care their product delivers, and not just to the typical educational system, but to innovation and creation of a new world for those children that are not able to be typically educated.”
— Laura Joslin


No Limits Academy provides an individually tailored, multidisciplinary approach to the treatment and education of children with cerebral palsy, spinal cord injuries and other physical disorders. Using the latest innovative, validated and medically based therapies through Ability Plus Therapy and advanced technologies in the classroom setting, the No Limits Academy team approach yields greater student independence, both physically and academically.

No Limits is leading the way in a neuro-education, whole child approach. They strive to develop an educational strategy for each learner that is based on careful evaluation, tailored to each learner’s specific needs. They believe that equality is not to be confused with equal opportunity, that not all persons are born with the same physical, cognitive, social and intellectual ability, and that all persons are born with the right to equal opportunity to reach their full potential.

To measurably improve their student’s daily lives and futures, they work to enhance the dynamics of their classrooms -- to produce greater results in cognitive development through enhanced stimulation via their R.E.A.C.H. Educational Philosophy.


No Limits chose to integrate SMART solutions in their classrooms because the technology could help facilitate new ways for their students to process scholastic information and overcome the barriers of varied physical disabilities. They felt the SMART solution could enhance how their students learn and provide them with new ways to more effectively interact with the curriculum. For example, the interactive component of SMART amp combined with a 1:1 iPad initiative could help eliminate barriers for their students in wheelchairs with limited movement. In addition, visually challenged students can obtain an enhanced instructional experience via SMART amp and the SMART Board 6000 series, by visually obtaining and interacting with curricular content at an enlarged level.

Using SMART to R.E.A.C.H. Every Student:

No Limits Academy’s mission is to demonstrate the human potential of children with complex physical disabilities, through alternative and innovative means. Through multidisciplinary collaboration and evidence-based practices, they feel any child’s educational potential can be met. SMART learning tools have helped them promote visual, physical and cognitive growth, and educational social interactions between their children by enhancing their R.E.A.C.H. Educational Philosophy. No Limits believes SMART has helped:

R = Rehabilitate: Foster better mind-body connections for their students through the use of SMART amp, by breaking down physical, instructional and learning barriers for their students.

E = Educate: Further individualized student instruction by enabling teachers to evaluate their students with SMART amp in real-time against the standard of their own physical, cognitive, social, and intellectual personal potential.

A = Advance: Ensure that educational content is being successfully synthesized through the creation of innovative SMART amp workspaces, specific to the instructional needs of each student.

C = Change: Create a more equitable learning environment, using tailored auditory and visual lessons powered by SMART, to help enhance each students’ academic, social and emotional ability to succeed.

H = Handicap: Shift the self-perception of their students from “handicapped” to “handicapable”, by empowering them to increase their communication, collaboration, and creativity skills through use of their SMART tools.

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Posted: April 18, 2018
in Outcome Studies