Focused Interactive Instruction to Enhance Student Engagement

A SMART Implementation Study with Oslo Middle School, 6th Grade Focused Instruction Pilot, School District of Indian River, Florida

Teachers and School
Karen Malits, Director of Federal ProgramsJulie Green, District Title I Resource Teacher 

Increasing rigor and personalized learning in the classroom through the use of small group instruction utilizing the SMART Solution. 

SMART Solution
SMART Board 6000 series
SMART Learning Suite
SMART Learning Suite Online

Increasing Student Achievement through focused, small group interactive instruction.


Oslo Middle School initiated an instructional pilot program utilizing the SMART Solution. The administration believed that small group instruction could provide a scaffolded approach for all students to increase mastery of content. While teachers facilitated standards-based instruction in the classroom, at times the creation of activities that reflect the rigor of standards proved difficult. Utilizing various aspects of the SMART Solution, the creation of these interactive activities would create a learning environment in which:

  • Learning tasks would become more focused to match student needs
  • Independent and guided small group stations would create a more efficient learning environment - one that allowed for more individualized instruction to remediate foundational skills
  • Engaging and personalized learning experiences would result in a high performing environment due to student interest and motivation.

The SMART Solution was chosen because they felt the hardware and software would provide a platform for students to engage with content in a more meaningful and personalized fashion. Utilizing both the hardware and software during small group instruction would allow for increased differentiation of instruction and collaboration.
“My goal is to increase the rigor - to enhance the level of engagement resulting in an increase of student achievement in the classroom. We hope that SMART implementation will support our current school improvement goals with success!” Beth Hofer, Principal of Oslo Middle School

SMART Learning Suite Integration
Select teachers at Oslo Middle School utilized the SMART Notebook to create interactive lessons for use in whole and small group instruction. Notebook lessons were also uploaded into SMART Learning Suite Online (SLSO) for teacher and student-paced practice and reinforcement of learned standards/skills. By utilizing SLSO within focused small group instruction, students were able to access reinforcement activities and assessments. This allowed teachers to track levels of understanding to guide further instruction. Gamification and collaborative activities built into the SLSO platform allowed for active collaboration, discussion, and brainstorming. Additionally, formal and informal assessments within SLSO assisted teachers in gauging acquisition and application of standards-based content.

“Students are much more engaged with lesson content (during small group) and I see increased collaboration with the integration of the SMART Solution. Students are on task for much longer periods and that leads to a deeper discussion. Students can be competitive with games; therefore, they are more focused and having fun while learning.” Cheryl Campbell, 6th-grade reading teacher. Due to small group instruction utilizing the SMART Solution, students showcased not only an increase in engagement and collaboration but also an increase in academic achievement in the specific curricular areas.

“The difference between students’ engagement in unplugged lessons vs. (SMART) technology integrated lessons is vastly different. Students love using technology and are more likely to successfully complete the rigorous tasks.
– Joanna Roux, 6th-grade teacher”

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Posted: June 19, 2019
in Outcome Studies