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SMART Learning Suite

SMART Learning Suite

Turn static content into interactive lessons

The ultimate education software suite combines lesson delivery, activities, assessments and collaborative workspaces. Suite includes both desktop and online experiences.

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Remote Management

SMART Remote Management

Any device. Any location.

Push updates. Run diagnostics. SMART Remote Management lets education administrators maintain, control and secure devices, including SMART Board® interactive displays with iQ, from any web browser.

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SMART TeamWorks™

Plan. Collaborate. Recap. 

An end-to-end visual collaboration solution designed to leverage the power of SMART Board interactive displays for fast, flexible and limitless collaboration.

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SMART: Powerful tools

Use SMART software on purpose-built technology

SMART Board interactive displays and software connect students, lesson content and devices into unified learning experiences. 
The interactive displays help teachers bring lessons to life and encourage students to contribute, either up at the SMART Board or from their phones, tablets and laptops.  


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Elevate learning outcomes

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