Product information & subscriptions

What is SMART Learning Suite?

SMART Learning Suite software enables teachers to transform static content into interactive learning experiences with engaging lessons, assessments, collaborative workspaces, and game-based activities. The suite includes SMART Notebook® desktop software and cloud-based SMART Learning Suite Online.

What do you get with a SMART Learning Suite subscription?

A subscription to SMART Learning Suite ensures that you get the latest SMART Notebook enhancements, plus access to SMART Learning Suite Online. This includes interactive lesson creation and delivery on any device, student access from any web-enabled computer, tablet, or phone and access anytime, anywhere – even at home.

How many activations do I receive?

SMART Learning Suite subscriptions are sold on a per-teacher basis. Each subscription allows the teacher to install and use SMART Notebook on classroom, home, and office computers and anywhere, anytime access to SMART Learning Suite Online.

Can I work on SMART Learning Suite lessons at home?

Yes. With an active subscription to SMART Learning Suite, you can use SMART Notebook software on the computer in your classroom and on your computer at home. Learn more.

SMART Learning Suite Online is accessible anywhere, including at home, from any web-enabled device.

Is it included with SMART interactive displays?

All SMART interactive displays with iQ include a bonus one-year SMART Learning Suite subscription. SMART Learning Suite can be purchased separately for use on SMART interactive displays without iQ, such as SMART Board GX series.

Can I try it before I decide?

Yes. A free 45-day trial is available.

How much does it cost?

It depends on what you need! SMART Learning Suite uses a subscription model based on a per-teacher, per-year plan. Every classroom, school and district is different, so visit the SMART Learning Suite licensing page to find a model that fits your need.

How do I manage my SMART Learning Suite subscription?

The SMART Admin Portal is an online tool that allows administrators to easily manage SMART Learning Suite subscriptions. It includes a variety of subscription details such as renewal dates, available users, and assigned users. Learn more about the SMART Admin Portal.

What’s the benefit?

The SMART Admin Portal allows administrators to provision users to access SMART software by adding their email addresses to a subscription (instead of license keys). This model grants access to a person, rather than to a device which means teachers have greater flexibility when accessing the software. For example, a teacher may install SMART Notebook on any computer and simply sign in to access the full version as well as any saved personal data. In addition, provisioned teachers have access to SMART Learning Suite Online anytime, anywhere.

What do I need to do?

If you're an administrator login and add your teachers' emails! If you're a teacher, contact your administrator to ensure your email is added to the subscription.

For more information, visit our Support site.

What operating systems are supported?

SMART Learning Suite is supported on the current releases for Windows, Mac, and SMART Notebook extensions. All system requirements can be found in the release notes.

Learn about using SMART Learning Suite with Chrome OS.

Which languages are supported?

See a full list of supported languages on OSX and Windows

Where do I download it?

I am not in a Google for Education district, or I haven't launched 1:1 initiatives. Is SMART Learning Suite still for me?

Absolutely! SMART Learning Suite is designed specifically to support a variety of instructional methods like teacher-led learning, student-led learning, flipped classrooms, and much more! It also complements technology like large-format displays, 1:1 initiatives and Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) classrooms.

SMART Learning Suite is all about giving you the flexibility to teach the way you need to.

Can I get technical support without a subscription?

A SMART Learning Suite subscription is required to request SMART technical support, but access to our library of manuals, help documents, videos, the Knowledge Base and the new Community Forums remains free (registration may be required for some features).


Do I need a SMART interactive display to use SMART Learning Suite?

No. However, if you use a SMART Board, you’re eligible for a customer discount!

Are there features that don't work in the SMART Notebook Player when I'm using a SMART Board with iQ?

Yes, the following features are not available with the Notebook Player app:

  • Flash widgets
  • Animations
  • Audio links
  • Geogebra
  • Lesson Activity toolkit
  • 3D objects
  • SMART blocks
  • Concept mapping

Can I access my information in the SMART Admin Portal?

Yes. The SMART Admin Portal allows you to view your account information including product keys, activations and the end dates of your current software contracts.

How is my personal information protected when I login?

SMART respects your personal information.  Review our Privacy Policy for more information.

What is a SMART Account? When do I need to login with it?

A SMART account connects all your SMART software applications, making it easy for you to sign in and access your lessons and settings across products.

Logging in with your SMART Account will give you access to SMART Learning Suite Online and, in SMART Notebook, access to features that require devices or an internet connection. You will also need to log in with your SMART Account to run SMART Notebook basic version.

Does SMART Learning Suite work on Chromebooks?

SMART Learning Suite Online lets teachers open PDF and PowerPoint® files, Google Slides, Docs and Sheets, SMART Notebook lessons, and create new interactive lessons on a Chromebook. Using a Chromebook teachers can also share these lessons to any student device, and write over and interact with content. With lessons on phones, tablets, Chromebooks or PCs, students can complete interactive lessons and learn at their own pace.  Learn more


Can I purchase classroom or site licenses?

We’ve replaced these kinds of licenses with a subscription model based on a per-teacher, per-year plan.

What happens if my subscription ends or my trial expires?

Customers who choose not to renew their SMART Learning Suite subscription will continue to have access to all the features included with SMART Notebook basic version. SMART Notebook basic version is free desktop software that enables teachers to create interactive lessons and deliver them on an interactive display. They can open and deliver previously created lessons that contain subscription-based content with full functionality, but they will not be able to edit that content or create new subscription-based content.


With an expired subscription

Game-based activities & formative assessments

All existing content is maintained but is read-only and new activities cannot be created.

YouTube add-on

Existing videos remain but cannot search or insert new videos.

Image Web Search add-on

Existing images appear but cannot search for new images.

Concept Mapping add-on

All existing concept maps are maintained, but new concept maps cannot be created.

Lesson Recorder add-on

Existing recordings will play but cannot create new recordings.

SMART Blocks add-on

Runs existing SMART Blocks but cannot add new SMART Blocks. (Blocks aren't launched)


Will not launch.

Screen View

Dual page, and transparent background options are not available.

Unable to “share”

Unable to share files through “Share to Board” or “Share using a Link.”

Watermark on each page

SMART brand will appear on each page. This watermark will disappear when connected to a SMART Board.

Will I see a watermark if I don’t renew?

A watermark appears when using SMART Notebook basic version on desktop computers or any non-SMART display. To ensure the best classroom experience for teachers and students, there isn’t a watermark when the computer is connected to a SMART Board.

Are my existing investments in SMART recognized if I renew with SMART Learning Suite?

Yes! If you are using a SMART display in your classroom, you’re eligible for a customer discount.

When will my SMART Learning Suite renewal or extension start?

The term of the renewal or extension begins the month it is claimed.