Delivering Consistent, High-Quality Professional Development with SMART Certified Trainers

A SMART Customer Story with Community Consolidated School District 93

Innovation Staff and School

Tony Schlorff, Director of Innovation and Technology
Instructional Coaches:
  Kelly Ashline
  Cindy Dubin
  Karen Ladendorf
  Becky Kline
Instructional Media Specialists:
  Sandy McCall
  Gaby Auld
  Allison Richmond

Key Challenge

To ensure teachers had the support they needed to be successful with the implementation of a SMART Learning Solution.

SMART Solution

SMART Board® 6000 Series
SMART Learning Suite


Nine SMART certified trainers were empowered to train and support their campuses to create interactive, engaging lessons.

For example:

  • They learned ways they could work alongside teachers within their assigned schools to positively impact learner outcomes.
  • They also partnered with SMART s Certified Trainers to see how they could enhance established lessons to increase student engagement and feedback loops.

"The training provided us with a chance to collaborate on building district goals together. As a team, we encouraged teachers to take risks and inspired them by modeling the use of the SMART Learning Suite during Professional Development sessions."
- Cindy Dubin, CCSD93 SMART Instructional Coach


Community Consolidated School District 93 (CCSD93) is a K-8 School District in the Chicago area with 5 elementary schools and 2 middle schools. "It strives to maximize the academic, social, and emotional potential of each student by utilizing world-class educational practices, in partnership with parents, staff and community." Based on this mission statement, Innovation and Technology Director Tony Schlorff wanted to implement a hardware and software technology solution that would effective y support his teachers in this endeavor.


As CCSD93 investigated various interactive options, they saw the value of the educational platform and resources SMART had to offer, and recognized the importance of strong professional development. "We thought that it would be more impactful if our teachers were to learn from their peers and knew someone in the building who was officially an expert." said Tony. With that in mind, they knew they wanted to invest in 7 instructional coaches and innovation media specialists, and encourage them to become SMART Certified Educators to support their SMART investment.

Implementing SMART with Certified Trainers

CCSD93 had 7 instructional coaches and innovation media specialists attend multiple days of training provided by Make the Grade Training Solution, a SMART Training Center. The goal was to help the trainers with infusing and advancing technology adoption within the district. This training armed the new CCSD93 coaches and specialists with the knowledge and confidence they needed to guide teachers on how to effectively implement SMART Solutions in their day-to-day practices.


Once becoming SMART Certified, CCSD93's instructional coaches and specialists provided their teachers with resources and materials to fully integrate SMART Solutions into their lessons. Their teachers then spent professional development time designing lessons and getting to know the software, allowing them to expand their lessons to include SMART Ial$, SMART response' 2, and collaborative workspaces. As the educators grew in confidence, they created engaging and interactive lessons for their students, and fe t comfortable sharing their success with their peers.

Tony believes that seeing SMART instructional coaches and innovation media specialists within their district conducting training was a powerful motivator for their teachers, and inspired them to dig deeper into the SMART Learning Suite. In fact, District 93 empowered an additional 10 instructional coaches to become "CCSD93 Certified" SMART Trainers, as teachers seeing their peers grow professionally inspired them to scale more.


certified trainer badge

To find out more about SMART Certification, and how to deliver consistent high quality training and implementation workshops for SMART products at your school and district, please visit:

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Posted: September 22, 2018
in Outcome Studies