How can we achieve better outcomes from EdTech?

The impact of EdTech is one of the most debated topics in education. Insights from global research reveal what’s working in classrooms around the world. The goal – to help you get the most from your EdTech. Take our self-evaluation to discover how to achieve a successful implementation. 

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Insights drawn from leading sources 

The self-evaluation is based on a synthesis of technology best practices from leading industry and education organizations. It identified 22 EdTech Capabilities, in four categories, that guide effective implementations. SMART has compiled the results from a global survey to determine how these capabilities relate to achieving outcomes from EdTech.
Icon Technology Planning
Strategic Technology Planning
Icon Technology Teaching Learning
Integration of Technology in Teaching and Learning
Icon Professional Development
Professional Development
Technology Infrastructure
Technology Infrastructure and Management
Research Background

Here’s what you’ll receive after the self-evaluation

Your personalized summary outlines your stage of development in each of the 22 capability areas. Our global team of education strategists can then help you take the next step by crafting a personalized plan tailored to your needs and the results of the evaluation.

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At SMART, we're committed to helping you achieve the teaching and learning outcomes that are most important to you. We sponsor research into EdTech best practices to help you meet your goals. 
Hidden Costs

The Hidden Costs of Incomplete Implementation

The costs of incomplete implementation aren’t always visible, and they can go above and beyond the cost of the technology alone. Learn more in this SMART-sponsored research to explore these hidden costs.



Teaching, Technology and Learning 

Great teachers get results. But when they use teaching best practices together with technology solutions designed for education, they are 342% more likely to achieve outstanding success, according to this SMART-sponsored research.