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Your Pen Performs Mouse Actions Instead of Writing Digital Ink

SMART Software SMART Notebook 10.6 and SMART Product Drivers 10.6
Operating Systems Windows 7 operating system


When you write on the screen with a pen tool, your pen performs mouse actions instead of writing in digital ink.


The “flicks” feature is turned on in Windows 7 operating system.


Turn off flicks.

To turn off flicks

  1. Select Start > Control Panel > Pen and Touch.

    The Pen and Touch screen opens.

  2. Clear the Use flicks to perform common actions quickly and easily check box on the Flicks tab.

  3. Press OK.


Windows 7 operating system includes a “flicks” feature that allows you to perform common actions (such as browsing pages, moving objects or cutting and pasting) with quick touch gestures. These flicks can occasionally interfere with SMART Notebook’s digital ink features.

First Published February 3, 2010


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