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SMART Learning Suite software

Teachers can use the sharing feature in SMART Notebook® to send their lessons to the online Lesson Lobby in SMART Learning Suite Online and access them from anywhere. They can then open their lessons on a Chromebook, share them to any student device, and even write over and interact with objects. SMART Learning Suite Online also allows teachers to create and share activities and assessments directly from a Chromebook.

With lessons on phones, Chromebooks and PCs, students can complete interactive assignments – and learn at their own pace.


7000 interactive

SMART Board® Interactive Displays with IQ

By connecting a Chromebook into the HDMI and USB ports of a SMART Board 6000 or 7000 series interactive display with iQ, teachers can display lessons and use touch gestures to write on, zoom and manipulate content within the lesson. For both Windows and Mac OS, the 6000 series allows 8 simultaneous touch points, while the 7000 series allows 16 simultaneous interaction points (10 touch, 4 pen and 2 erase).


7000 interactive

iQ technology's embedded computer offers one-touch access to the robust SMART Learning Suite applications for interactive lessons, game-based activities and online co-creation, as well as features like wireless screen sharing, a built-in web browser and a digital whiteboard.

Wireless screen-sharing makes it easy for students and teachers to access and share any content or instructional tools that are on their Chromebook to the entire classroom, displayed on a SMART Board 6000 or 7000 series.