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No Sound from SMART Board 600i Interactive Whiteboard System Speakers

SMART Hardware SMART Board 600i series interactive whiteboard systems


No sound comes from the SMART Board 600i interactive whiteboard system speakers.


First check that the control module’s volume isn’t turned down to the minimum setting or that it is muted. Check that your audio source is operating correctly, and that the cable from the source to the extended connection panel (ECP) is securely connected. If the speakers haven’t worked since the interactive whiteboard was installed check that the ECP cable’s audio plug is connected correctly to the Unifi 35 projector’s connection panel jack.

To check the volume setting or if the volume is muted

  1. Turn the volume control knob clockwise to increase the volume.

  2. Press the control module’s volume control knob to mute the sound. Press it again to restore the sound.

To check your audio source and connecting cables

  1. Check that your audio source, such as a DVD player or computer, is operating correctly by connecting it to another speaker system. Use the same cables, if possible, to verify that they are working.

  2. Check that the audio cable from your source is securely connected to the source and the ECP mini stereo jack.

To check the ECP cable’s audio connection to the projector base

  1. Remove the screws from the connection panel cover using a Phillips No. 1 screwdriver.

  2. Remove the connection panel cover and the wire cover from the base of the projector.

  3. Verify that the ECP cable’s mini stereo plug is connected to the Unifi projector base’s STEREO MINI 1 jack.

  4. Replace the connection panel cover and the wire cover, and then replace the screws.

If your speakers still aren’t working, contact SMART Support for further troubleshooting options.

First Published August 22, 2007
Last Updated October 12, 2007


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