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Gallery Essentials Doesn’t Install

SMART Software SMART Notebook, SMART Notebook SE collaborative learning software and SMART Install Manager
Operating Systems Mac OS X operating system software
Other Apple Remote Desktop


When you customize SMART Notebook or SMART Notebook SE using SMART Install Manager and then deploy the software using Apple Remote Desktop or another software deployment program, Gallery Essentials doesn’t install correctly if you set the Gallery to install on each computer.


Rename the SMART Essentials for Educators folder to Gallery Essentials, and then redeploy the software.


Manually install Gallery Essentials.


  • This document is intended for IT administrators and others experienced with installing, configuring and administering software in a networked environment.

  • The following procedures assume you’ve downloaded the Gallery Essentials content to an accessible folder, for instance, /Volumes/Network/Gallery.

Renaming the Folder


See the SMART Install Manager Administrator’s Guide for Mac Computers (document 125889) for more information on performing the steps in the following procedure.

To rename the folders

  1. In SMART Install Manager, open the installation package you want to modify.

  2. Select Gallery Content in the left pane.

    The Gallery Content page appears.

  3. Click Browse beside the Source location box, and then browse to the folder where the Gallery content is located.

    By default, there are two folders in this directory: Lesson Activity Toolkit 1.0 and SMART Essentials for Educators.

  4. Change the name of the SMART Essentials for Educators folder to Gallery Essentials.

  5. Redeploy the installation package.

    The Gallery content installs.

Manually Installing Gallery Essentials

To manually install Gallery Essentials

  1. Open a Terminal window.


    If you’re using Apple Remote Desktop, click UNIX.

  2. Type the following command, and then press ENTER.


    This command uses the folder location /Volumes/Network/Gallery. Replace this path with the location of the downloaded Gallery content.

    sudo /Applications/SMART\ Gallery\ Setup/Gallery\\ Setup --guid --source /Volumes/Network/Gallery/SMART\ Essentials\ for\ Educators --installall --authorized

    The Gallery content installs.

First Published September 16, 2009


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