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Installing Education Software Installer doesn't succeed using Group Policy

SMART software

SMART Notebook 10.8 collaborative learning software, SMART Response 2011 assessment software, SMART Notebook Math Tools software, Mixed Reality Tools for SMART Document Camera, SMART Classroom Suite 2011 interactive learning software, SMART Sync 2011 classroom management software and SMART Product Drivers

Operating systems

Windows Vista operating system


When you install the Education Software Installation using Active Directory Group Policy the installation begins but no software installs. The Windows Event Viewer shows that the installation started and stopped, but it doesn’t show any errors or warnings.


Ensure that you applied the latest updates to Windows Vista operating system.

If you’re unable to update your operating system, use one of the following alternatives:

  • Install the Education Software Installer using the interactive installation option.

  • Install the Education Software Installer using the MSI file for each product.

Installing the MSI files for each product

When you install the MSI files separately, the order in which you install them is important. For best results, install the MSI software files from the included DVD in the following order:

  1. SMART Common Platform.msi (Required)

  2. SMART Product Drivers.msi (Required)

  3. SMART Notebook.msi (Required if you want to install SMART Response assessment software)

  4. SMART Response.msi (Optional)

  5. SMART Sync Teacher.msi (Optional)

  6. Install_flash_player_10_active_x.msi (Optional)

  7. Install_flash_player_10_plugin.msi (Required if you install the previous file)

Contact SMART support if you require the individual MSI files and don't have the software DVD.


This issue appears to be related to Windows Installer and chained MSI-based installations on Windows Vista operating system. If Windows Installer logging is enabled through Group Policy, the log files in C:\Windows\temp\MSI*.log show that the installation started and then rolled back without showing the reason for the rollback. This applies only to installations using Active Directory Group Policy, using either Software Installation or a Startup Script.

First published

August 24, 2011


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