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Lumio provides simple ways to boost engagement without hours of prep time. Students can connect remotely to live lessons and engage in real time with activities from anywhere.

How it works

Combine your teaching resources, including PDF, Google™, and PowerPoint®  files to create one engaging lesson. Add only the pages you want and make your lessons flow from start to finish.
Enhance content with interactive lessons, games, and assessments. Create collaborative workspaces on the fly and easily add team-based activities like Monster Quiz and Shout It Out.
Effortlessly switch between teacher-paced and student-paced learning to deliver lessons the way you want and boost engagement with game-based activities and assessments.

Capture insights into learning

Visualise the learning curve with a dashboard master view of student progress. Choose what to assess and the way your students receive feedback, so you always have a clear understanding of where things are at.

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Intelligent integrations 

Works well with Google and Microsoft® platforms, as well as learning management system platforms that teachers already use and schools have invested in. Create, organise, deliver, and share Lumio lessons directly from Google Drive and Google Classroom.

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Student collaboration

It's easy to create student groups to promote student-led ideation, co-creation, and social-emotional learning. Collaborative learning comes alive with easy access to a shared workspace where students contribute together using ink, text, video links, images, and more. 

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"Lumio rocks! My students love using the activities. They love the music, the monsters, and their independence (by using their devices). I like that I can make something, or change something to fit my content in just a few minutes."

Gretchen Monahan
Pennsylvania, US

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How is my personal information protected?

    SMART respects your personal information. Review our Privacy Policy for more information.

  • Does Lumio work on Chromebooks?

    Yes! Teachers and students can use Lumio on any web-enabled device.

  • How does Lumio compare to Nearpod?

    Lumio supports digital collaboration, allowing students to ideate in collaborative workspaces. Individual practice and self-assessment is supported through a variety of game-based activities. Digital manipulatives help students grasp and practice new concepts. You can find out more here: Lumio vs. Nearpod

  • How does Lumio compare to Pear Deck?

    Lumio engages students with brainstorming activities, graphic organisers and digital manipulatives. Students can work at their own pace, both individually or with their peers, or the teacher can guide the lesson experience. Easy-to-create games give students opportunities to practice their learning. You can find out more here: Lumio vs. Pear Deck