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Getting started with Lumio

Learn the ins-and-outs of Lumio in five simple steps.

How do I get started?

Simply pick one tile from each tab below to try out, and you’ll be a pro in no time!
Come back and try new tiles when you’re ready for more.
  • Blue circle outline with a lightbulb icon

    1. Start

  • A circular image with a finger pointing upwards towards a display.

    2. Enhance

  • An image of a circle with two icons resembling chat bubbles.

    3. Engage

  • An image of a circle with a person gesturing towards a screen.

    4. Deliver

  • A graphic of a circle with two browser tabs displayed.

    5. Share

Step 1


Choose how to start building a lesson or resource.
An image showing a face visible on the screen.

Combine existing resources

Combine PDFs, PPTs, Lumio lessons, and Google documents into interactive, student-centered lessons.

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Apps and Bookmarks visual representation

Start with a video

Show your students the world. Watch videos without commercials.

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An icon representing the Settings feature, featuring a gear

Start with a new page

Add new pages throughout your lesson to capture and illustrate new ideas.

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A visual representation of the SMART Notebook

Add a ready-made graphic organizer or manipulative

Save time and frame classroom discussions with these ready-made resources that you can send to student devices.

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Step 2


Add interactivity to enhance the lesson.
An image of a digital whiteboard, ready to be used for brainstorming, note-taking, or collaboration.

Create an assessment

Assessment made easy! Knowing your students is now simpler than ever.

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An image showing the interface for adding a media to a project or presentation.

Create a game-based activity

In less than five minutes, create a game-based activity students will love.

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A visual representation of the Add Ready-Made Activities feature, showing how users can add pre-made activities or lesson plans to their digital workspace.

Add a ready-made activity

Instantly add ready-made pages that activate prior knowledge and help students question and reflect.

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A visual representation of the Launch a Browser feature

Add instructional audio

Add your voice to any page to personalize a lesson and guide students.

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Step 3


Engage students on their devices individually or in collaborative groups.
Graphic representation of creating an individual handout digitally.

Create an individual handout

Move from static to active with the click of a button. Create an interactive, individual handout.

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A visual representation of the Files Library feature

Create a collaborative workspace

Provide a Think Tank for student creation and real-time collaboration.

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A visual representation of widgets.

Visualize math concepts with Desmos

The Desmos graphing calculator makes learning math concepts a visual and engaging experience.

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A visual representation of the Record Lessons Ink

Explore with PhET interactive simulations

Quickly add engaging, interactive, research-based simulations to any Lumio lesson.

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Step 4


Connect student devices and capture teachable moments as you deliver your lesson.
A visual representation of the Share a Screen feature

Connect student devices

Use 'Teacher-Pacing' during whole-group instruction. Switch to 'Student-Pacing' when you want students to explore the lesson on their own.

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A visual representation of the brainstorming process

Add interactivity in Delivery mode

Capture a teachable moment, brainstorm, or work through more examples.

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Icon representing digital brainstorming with a triangle and a star on a laptop display.

Start a brainstorming session

Instantly capture student ideas, questions, and connections in one space.

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Laptop display icon with book and audio features to boost student reading.

Enhance the student reading experience

Help students boost reading comprehension and increase fluency with Immersive Reader.

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Step 5


Share the lessons you've created with students and colleagues.
Graphic of a laptop showing an animated female teacher using a laptop, symbolizing resources and tools available for teachers in a digital educational platform.

Share a lesson with teachers

Share individual lesson links with colleagues for easy collaboration.

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Digital illustration of a person standing outdoors next to a building on the left and a tree on the right.

Share a lesson with students

Put interactive lessons, notes, and activities in your students' hands, in or out of class.

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Icon of a laptop with a crown and colorful folders on the screen, depicting the feature of shared libraries within a digital educational resource platform.

Share and collaborate with colleagues

Easily share and collaborate using Shared Libraries.

*Available with the Lumio Spark plan

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