Are you going to miss Google’s Jamboard? Introducing Your New Whiteboard Best Friend: Lumio

A touch screen laptop showing a Lumio lesson on the screen, while the hands of a student interacts with the content in the lesson.

Google's recent announcement of discontinuing the Jamboard whiteboarding app and ending support for Google Jamboard devices by late 2024 has left millions of users, including teachers, educators, and administrators worldwide, in shock.

Enter Lumio, your ultimate solution for whiteboarding, interactive lessons, and game-based learning activities. Unlike Jamboard, Lumio isn't going anywhere. Backed by SMART Technologies and with over 35 years of experience with EdTech software, you can trust Lumio to support your daily teaching needs for years to come.

If you’re looking for alternatives to Jamboard, not only can Lumio replace Jamboard as an interactive whiteboard, but it also seamlessly integrates with Google Drive and Classroom.

Explore Lumio's interactive whiteboard features

The Google Whiteboard App was cherished by teachers worldwide for its collaboration and brainstorming capabilities. However, with its closure, educators are now seeking alternatives that enhance their workflow and improve student outcomes.

Lumio is designed by teachers for teachers, and is here to fill that void. It offers a versatile platform to engage students, whether they are in the classroom, remote, or working at their own pace.

Lumio provides the whiteboard capabilities you loved in Google Jamboard and takes them to the next level. With Lumio, not only is there collaborative whiteboarding where students can engage and collaborate, but every lesson becomes interactive. You can easily convert any page into an individual handout, a small group collaborative workspace, or a whole-class activity. Students can annotate, ink, add content, and contribute to class discussions easily, from any device. It’s also simple to add a whiteboarding page to a lesson while you’re delivering it - with just a couple clicks you can pop in a new whiteboard for notes, drawing, classroom conversation, or whatever you need.

Collaboration and annotation made easy

Teaching with Lumio is easy. Simply select the pen tool from the toolbar on the left and start inking, annotating, and highlighting content while instructing. That could be on a whiteboard, or any page of your lesson.

You can start with a blank page, browse our catalog of ready-made resources in the Lumio Library, or import content from various sources, including Google Slides, Microsoft PowerPoint, Adobe PDF, or Canva. Deliver lessons swiftly and seamlessly, all through your browser.
The best part? If you're signed into your Google Drive, your Lumio lessons automatically save and sync with your library. No more downloading and transferring files.

There is no shortage of innovative integrations in Lumio. Join all the tools you love to use in your classroom easily.

Game-based learning and collaboration

Lumio stands out from the rest with its ability to add active learning strategies and interactive, game-based learning activities. Lumio comes equipped with customizable game templates – twelve in fact! Instantly add an activity to your lesson and customize it for any content you want to teach. From Match 'Em Up to Super Sort to Monster Quiz – the possibilities are endless.

Light up learning with Lumio, a platform students ask for by name.

Secure storage for your content

Concerned about where your content is stored? Rest assured, Lumio is a cloud-based platform that respects data privacy. You own your content, and we will never sell it or use it for advertisements. Student data security is paramount to us, and Lumio prioritizes privacy and security without compromising interactivity or learning experiences.

Read our privacy policy for an in-depth look at our compliances and policies.

Lumio is your ultimate teaching companion

Lumio is more than just an interactive whiteboard, though it does that really well. It's your partner in lesson planning, delivery, and assessment. Our intuitive and user-friendly platform equips teachers with all the tools they need to create engaging, interactive lessons for students.

Ready to get started? Discover more classroom whiteboard ideas and get started with Lumio for FREE today.