Bring Earth Day to your classroom with lessons from Lumio

A teacher helping three students on their classroom tablets.

April 22nd is Earth Day! A wonderful opportunity to educate your learners on the importance of understanding the environment and taking action. If you’d like to engage your students in Earth Day, we have just the activities for YOU!

Roll up your sleeves and get ready to get your hands dirty with these fun, educational lessons from Lumio.

Gamify your Earth Day lessons

What better way to learn about the environment than with educational games? Choose from different activities like Match ‘em Up, Monster Quiz, Trivia and MORE to get your students excited about the earth and learning more about it.

Encourage your learners to use voice and choice

This Earth Day Choice Board activity is sure to get your learners thinking about what they can do to better the environment. Customize the options or get started right away. Your students will love the freedom and autonomy and you’ll love how easy it is to engage them.

As a special Earth Day treat, there’s also a word search at the end of the lesson!

Learn all about the weather

The weather is a fascinating and important part of our environment. For your early learners, use this Lumio lesson to introduce different types of weather and check for understanding with a response activity. A perfect opportunity to see what your students already know or need a little bit of extra help.

And there’s more! Head over to Lumio to explore all our new Spring and Earth Day ready-made activities. It’s so easy to simply add them to your lesson plan or customize them to find the needs of your students.