See How Linbrook School Teachers Improved Literacy Skills With Lumio

A student completes an activity in Lumio.

Download the latest Student Success Story to learn how two teachers at The Linbrook School used Lumio for asynchronous and synchronous learning.

Using Lumio’s Asynchronous And Synchronous Features To Improve Student Literacy Skills

During the last school year, The Linbrook School in Oakville, Ontario, Canada adopted school-wide use of Lumio, SMART’s cloud-based lesson creation and delivery software. Teachers used Lumio to support instruction within both remote and face-to-face situations.

Two teachers in particular carried out a study of Lumio’s efficacy in supporting students’ literacy skill development - they used Black History Month curriculum during this trial with their students. Both teachers found that incorporating activities like Individual Handouts, Monster Quizzes, and other game-based activities helped students better engage with the curriculum and increased performance scores on formative assessments.

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