Spring into Lumio with ready-made lessons and activities

Three students and their teacher jumping in a classroom.

Spring is certainly in the air! Now is the perfect time to savor the smell of fresh cut grass, budding trees, and implement activities to ensure your students are engaged in learning.

Avoid the end of year slump and keep your students attention by engaging them in active learning opportunities and brain-breaks. And luckily, we have just the thing! We’ve created ready-made lessons and activities for your Springtime classroom that you can add to your lessons and use right away or customize to fit your students' needs. It’s simple to create engaging learning opportunities with ready-made resources from Lumio.

Use game-based learning activities

Meet students where they are and provide game-based learning activities that interest them. Students can flex their competitive skills while engaging in activities they enjoy and are well used to.

Game-based learning is shown to improve student outcomes as students are encouraged to practice, correct their mistakes, problem solve and use critical thinking—core skills students need to develop to aid in their personal lives, professional futures and beyond.

Lumio has tons of Spring themed game-based learning activities to choose from including a crossword, maze, logic puzzle and more! Explore all the Spring activities here.

Take a break - a Brain Break!

When it’s time for a break, use one of these Brain Breaks to keep the momentum going in class without overloading your students with too much content. Use brain breaks to re-energize, refocus, refresh students’ brains and give them a much-needed confidence boost.

Brain teasers are a great way to test your students' problem solving skills and give them a fun puzzle to solve. Whether it’s a math or literacy lesson, these brain teasers will help to add to your students skill development while giving them an opportunity to reset and refocus.

When things start to get crazy, it’s important to take a break to be mindful and present in class. These mindfulness prompts can be added to any class (and repeated as many times as you’d like) to calm students' minds and get everyone back into the flow of learning.

When student engagement starts to trail off, re-engage them with response activities like a Would You Rather. This Spring themed activity helps to get students involved in classroom conversation, receive feedback and practice good classroom collaboration.

Use this opportunity to remind your students of Social Emotional Learning skill development

As we near the end of the school year, it’s just as important to keep up SEL skill development now as it was at the beginning of the year. Take this time to check in with your students and look deeper at their SEL skill progression; of course, with the help of Lumio.

Try incorporating daily affirmations to the beginning of your day to kick off learning on a positive note and build student confidence. This Lumio lesson is equipped with ‘think pieces’ for each day, spread out over the course of four weeks, that challenge students to think about their wonderful, unique skills while building confidence and self-efficacy.

And there’s a whole lot more! Bring Springtime into your classroom with Lumio and increase student engagement and focus along the way. Not to mention, save valuable time while using ready-made activities so you can focus on the important things, your students' learning outcomes. Check out all the Spring Lumio lessons here: