A SMART Change Is On The Horizon For SMART Learning Suite Online Software

Starting June 26th, The Smart Learning Suite Online Software You Have Come To Know And Love Will Be Renamed Lumio

A good change is exciting because it means we are moving forward and exemplifies our openness to grow and learn from our experiences, right? Well, an exciting change is coming your way: SMART Learning Suite Online is getting a brand new name and look! 

Where did Lumio come from? That’s a great question - I had the same thought. And then, I discovered that it represents luminescence, the spark of learning, and 'a-ha' moments. As soon as I knew this, it immediately reminded me why I loved teaching and one of the things I miss most about it - those light bulb moments. Those moments when you see the little or noticeable shift in your student's facial expression. Followed by a sincere appreciation for what you did to help them “get it.” And I know this is what SMART wanted to capture in this new name. 

But this wasn't the only reason. Your feedback also helped immensely when SMART was exploring this change. Did you ever fumble through the name "SLSO"?  When SMART Learning Suite Online first came out, I would deliver training sessions, and teachers would often look at me funny, and sometimes fumble with the long name of the software.  I felt terrible that they had to remember such a mouthful to describe our software tool. But teachers are always resourceful, and over time you created new or shortened ways to say the name like SLSO, SMART Suite, or SMART Online.

To be clear, we’re not changing a thing about your favorite features and functions. Everything stays the same teachers and students view, the same sign-in, and your content remains where it is. The only changes are to the name and logo. 

We want the transition to Lumio to be as smooth as possible.  We recognize how much you value the work you do and how precious your time is.  So we are sending you a toolkit with everything you’ll need: 

Lumio Bookmarks


The toolkit includes individual cards as well as posters to help your students log in, coloring sheets, and bookmarks! 

Lumio Key Training Resources


We also have a teacher's toolkit with images and training files.  

As we look ahead to a new school year, your SMART Team will provide time-saving tools to support you in keeping students engaged. Stay tuned for more details on upcoming developments that will enhance your Lumio subscription this summer. 

Got questions about SMART Learning Suite Online becoming Lumio? Reach out to us! We'd love to chat on Twitter, Facebook, or email.