Why Building Meaningful Relationships Is Important: Back-To-School Educator Series Post #10

Two students engage socially during recess at school.

The Efficiency Of Lumio

Over the past year, I’ve increasingly used Lumio. One of the best features of Lumio is that it syncs so easily with Google Classroom; having one login makes it so much easier for the children to find and access all of the learning. With Lumio, I could also see what the children were doing on their screens (via activities like individual Handouts). This was extremely beneficial when we were teaching and learning remotely because it meant I could offer more real-time support during live lessons. The collaborative workspaces and other Lumio activities also allowed children to work together, despite the fact that we were all learning from home.

Building Meaningful Relationships

This year, I loved meeting my new class and learning all about them. Building meaningful relationships with children is so important in teaching. We spend a large portion of the day together, so it is vital that my classroom is a welcoming and safe space for them.

I focus on building relationships and offering a safe space for my students because I want them to be excited about learning and coming to school every day. I also want them to know that mistakes are okay, and that we can learn so much from them--it’s all part of the learning process.

Special thanks to SMART Ambassador Jackie Bergasse for this post! If you are interested in trying Lumio by SMART, you can do so for free here!