SMART Board RX series interactive display featuring a vibrant sunset over mountains and pink flowers, with a Tech & Learning Winner badge for 2024.

SMART Board RX Series

Explore what’s possible

Built to evolve around your needs with market-leading ease of use, the RX series is the only interactive display that offers user-programmable tools to help you support inclusive classrooms.

Next-level engagement starts here.

Available in 65” 75” 86”

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Young student engaging with Tool Explorer stamps on an RX series SMART Board, using interactive learning tools to enhance educational experiences.

Combine physical and digital worlds

Our patented Tool Explorer technology takes interactivity and accessibility to the next level, recognizing real-world objects like SMART programmable tools to encourage students, including those who express themselves non-verbally, to engage in a whole new way.

Teacher and students using a SMART Board RX series with iQ 4 for collaborative learning on Venn diagrams in a classroom.

Get students up and collaborating

With the RX series, students can walk up to the display and engage with content and each other.

Unleash student potential — only with SMART, they can write, touch, and erase at the same time for a truly collaborative and engaging experience.

Effortless inking

Work together anywhere

SMART Ink® brings your students' favorite learning tools and lets you annotate your files, web browsers, and applications — for both Windows and Mac.

Write and explore freely

SMART Ink keeps annotations where you put them as you move between programs, so you never lose what you wrote.

Get creative

Differentiated pens mean each student can choose their own SMART Ink tool – including art pens, shape recognition pen, highlighters, and more!
SMART Board RX series with iQ 4 displaying secure sign-in options, including QR code on a smartphone and direct screen access, emphasizing enhanced security features.

The power of Google EDLA and more

Enjoy access to Google Play, Google Chrome and other Google platform apps teachers know and love.

Take your favorites and preferences with you. Sign in with your SMART Account using your own device or with the built-in NFC card reader. Robust security ensured.

Access Google Drive, OneDrive, and Lumio cloud storage directly from the File Library.


Save time for what matters most

It's the interactive display teachers can count on to deliver engaging lessons with simple workflows to save hours of precious instructional time. And for IT teams, easy maintenance without worrying about time-consuming fixes or downtime means time and money saved for more important things.

Meaningful classroom engagement

Creative visual blending of a video interview and a vivid forest scene displayed on a SMART interactive display.

Designed for longevity

Dynamic display, for the long haul

Imagine not having to deal with the hassle of making a purchase decision every couple of years.

The RX series is more than a purchase; it's an investment that has got you covered for the future. What you get:

  • A future Android update
  • Regular OTA updates to keep your display safe and relevant
  • Appliance based upgrade paths

Our accelerated life testing program combined with our upgrade options ensures that your device lasts longer and continually evolves to meet the demands of the modern classroom.

Customer Story: Fort Bend ISD
Students engage with a SMART Board in the classroom, using digital stamps to complete an educational activity on food groups.

The right choice for Early and Special Education

With Tool Explorer, students can interact with physical objects, like cubes and stamps, that are automatically recognized by the display. This opportunity for engaging, kinesthetic learning with real-world objects makes the RX series the best choice for early and special education.

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A happy student in a wheelchair interacting with educational content on a SMART Board, showcasing inclusive education technology.

Accessibility features included

Every board includes easy-to-access, forward-facing ports and controls with large, intelligently illuminated buttons for ease of use in situations of low light or visual impairment.

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SMART keeps it simple for you and your teachers

Teacher and student interactively engaging with educational content on a SMART Board RX series displaying colorful programming blocks and a smiling robot graphic.

Easy to adopt

We put in the effort so you don’t have to. When you buy SMART, you buy peace of mind, easy setup and easy implementation.

  • Technology designed for out-of-the-box use – no setup or training required
  • Self-serve iQ user profiles & NFC setup through familiar Google & Microsoft workflows
  • Professional Learning - Extend capability with complimentary professional learning plans, online courses and webinars that cover both functional and pedagogical topics

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Collage of diverse SMART technology applications in various settings including classroom teaching, outdoor education, industry training, and team meetings.

The peace of mind you need

Partner with a best-in-class company

We’re committed to providing you technology that is as effortless as it is ethical. Learn more about:

Software included with your interactive display
Privacy & Security commitments
SMART’s tools for administrators
Professional Learning resources


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Interactivity made affordable.

SMART Accessories

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