Woman in military uniform holding a folder stands beside a SMART interactive display showcasing satellite imagery of a cyclone, with various annotations and smaller images, including helicopters and ships.

Government Solutions

Secure collaboration for global teams

Streamline decision-making, enhance critical-thinking skills and create a truly collaborative experience with TAA-compliant SMART Board® interactive displays.

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Make connections that matter between technology, team members and leaders, and transform your organization with innovative interactive displays.

Radio and Bluetooth restrictions?

SMART Board 6000S/6000S Pro and MX/MX Pro series displays can be configured for government facilities with restrictions on Bluetooth, wireless, and USB peripherals. TAA compliant displays are also available to government institutions.

SMART Board interactive displays

High-Secure QX Pro Series

65”, 75”, 85”
4K Ultra HD displays
Available without Wi-Fi and Bluetooth

High-Secure MX Series

55”, 65”, 75”, 86”
4K Ultra HD displays
Available without Wi-Fi and Bluetooth

6000S-V3-P (TAA compliant )

*Available to government agencies

A strategic planning session on a SMART Board with interactive maps and video conferencing, highlighting the technology's use in government and defense settings.

Solutions for defense

Secure collaboration

Get everyone on the same page, fast. It’s easy for everyone to contribute to files in the same digital workspace, in-room or with the collaboration software you already use.

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SMART display with a live video call featuring four participants on the left side. The main screen showcases an aerial view of a hurricane with annotated details, a sticky note with three listed items, and marked locations on the adjacent land.


Prepare teams anywhere for anything

Create realistic scenarios with the same types of content, applications and devices you’d use on the job.

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Two individuals, one in military attire, engaging with a SMART Board during a demonstration at an exhibition, showcasing the board's collaborative features.

Vital communications in real time

Command and control

With state-of-the-art interactive displays and software, SMART Board® interactive displays let government teams, mission teams and first responders contribute ideas from anywhere.

SMART Meeting Pro®

With SMART Meeting Pro, colleagues whiteboard and storyboard in the virtually unlimited interactive workspace. The space expands as you add images, documents, links and notes – even over multiple displays and meetings.

SMART Teamworks™

One-touch launch. Wireless screencasting. Multi-user collaboration from any device on your own network. PDF recaps. SMART TeamWorks gives your team the ultimate end-to-end collaboration experience from any device with any conferencing platform – and it’s easy to use.

SMART Notebook®

Free, award-winning desktop software provides powerful teaching tools for your SMART interactive display that improve concept delivery and increase engagement and comprehension.

The direct control we get at the board gives complete confidence in handling any situation without breaking stride, and lets us deliver high-impact, tailored, on-the-fly presentations in a variety of situations.

Parsons Corp VA, US

Defense, intelligence, security, and infrastructure engineering firm

Privacy and Security

Exceptional security for greater peace of mind. Connect multiple devices to access your secure content and files. Factory disabled configuration helps secure your display from tampering and malware.

Contract Purchasing

SMART can be purchased on key government contracts, including: U.S. General Services Administration (GSA), COTS, FIRST Source, ITES-3S, BIE Acquisitions Contract, 2GIT and NASA SEWP V.

From the Federal Bureau of Investigation to the Army University, many departments and agencies trust SMART to make their teams more productive and efficient.
A confident individual in military attire stands before a SMART Board displaying a video conferencing interface with multiple participants, illustrating the board's use in government settings.

6000S Pro

Built to Use. Built to last.

With precise interactivity and digital ink, the 6000S and 6000S Pro series provide advanced collaboration and connectivity features with a simple, intuitive user experience. TAA compliant 6000S Pro models available.

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SMART Podium™ interactive pen display

The SMART Podium with battery-free pen integrates with any Windows or Mac OS computer to provide touch, gestures and digital ink in the home office, while video conferencing, or presenting on a connected projector or large-format display.

SMART Remote Management

Maintain, control and secure devices from any web browser. Centrally manage iOS®, Android®, Chrome OS™ and Windows®; devices, and SMART Board displays with iQ.

SMART Electric Height-Adjustable Stands

Mobile and wall stand options make it possible to easily create collaborative meeting spaces in any room, for groups large and small.

Support and service you can count on

We’re with you every step of the way, with a host of warranty options, training resources and technical support to make your SMART experience simply seamless.

Global Services

Access consistent US installation services for your SMART solutions, delivered by SMART authorized installation technicians. All managed and coordinated directly by SMART.

Adopt tech faster

Improve capabilities and confidence with training resources for every skill level. Access video tutorials, free online courses, intensive hands-on training, certification courses and more.

Protect your investment

Save money and stress with our best-in-class warranty and service plan options. All displays come with a SMART Limited Warranty or SMART Assure Warranty. 

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